Skeleton Letters (a Scrapbooking Mystery) by Laura Childs

Skeleton Letters is another cozy written by Laura Childs. For the most part, I enjoyed the book. I like Carmela, like her friendship with Ava, adore the New Orleans setting. Cozy books are easy reads, fun reads. And I adore a good cozy!

Carmela and Ava are bringing items to the St. Tristan’s Church when they see a crime. One of their friends has been killed, and a priceless artifact has been stolen. Babcock, Carmela’s sweetie, tells her to let the police solve the crime- but for the scrapbook buddies at Memory Mine- that is not good enough. Carmela, with a teensy bit of pushing from friends, finds herself in the middle of this investigation- turning up angles, finding red herrings, and learning about the craziness of collectors.

As Carmela and Ava continue to investigate- they stumble upon clues that put them in direct line with the killer. Will Carmela be able to save the day or are her scrapbooking days over?