{Giveaway} A Thousand Miles to Freedom: My Escape from North Korea by Eunsun Kim

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Thanks for St. Martin’s Press- Traveling With T has 2 copies of A THOUSAND MILES TO FREEDOM: MY ESCAPE FROM NORTH KOREA by Eunsun Kim to give to lucky readers!

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Book Spotlight: To Live in Paradise by Cindi McVey

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Today, TO LIVE IN PARADISE by Cindi McVey is getting some attention at Traveling With T. Cindi emailed me a few weeks ago and as we began chatting- I found her to be smart and so nice! I know many of the readers of Traveling With T are fans of non-fiction so….I hope ya’ll enjoy the spotlight!

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Book Spotlight: Confessions of a Paris Party Girl by Vicki Lesage

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Ya’ll, it’s a good day for a book spotlight! Vicki Lesage, CONFESSIONS OF A PARIS PARTY GIRL, emailed me and we got to chatting back and forth some. And through the power of emails- this is how you are getting to see this book spotlight!

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Mister Owita’s Guide to Gardening: How I Learned the Unexpected Joy of a Green Thumb and an Open Heart by Carol Wall

Mister Owita's Guide to Gardening

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Mister Owita’s Guide To Gardening

Carol Wall’s yard is a mess. This, in the past has not bothered her. Between raising kids, working, spending time with her husband and doing other things- the yard has not been a priority. One day, though, Carol begins to realize how far the yard has gotten out of control and openly envies other yards. Shortly, she finds out about Mister Owita and he begins to help Carol with her garden. Even though she knows the garden needs work- she is hesitant about some Owita’s advice and preferences (the azaela bushes being one thing). Soon, though, with Owita’s charming way of looking at life- she begins to trust him more and more and open herself to learning- not just gardening tips, but life lessons as well.

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What are your reading goals for 2013?

With all the fesitivies and resolutions of the new year- you may have not been thinking too much about reading goals. But, now that we are a few days into the 2013 year- perhaps it’s time to begin considering some potential reading goals.

My reading goals for 2013:

– Read 115 books in the Goodreads Reading Challenge. for 2012- I challenged myself to originally 100- then I changed it to 110. I ended 2012 with 111 books read.

– Reading at least 13 cozies in the Cruisin Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013. 13 books will earn me the title of Super Sleuth. Currently, I’m on book 3 in the challenge. I’m anticipating reading some cozies that people have given me over the years that I had not read- as well as continuing with my favorite cozy authors.

– To read 1 or 2 classics- I read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in 2012. I anticipate reading another Jane Austen- and trying to decide on another classic.

– To read at least 5 books that have been sitting on my “to be read”shelf for some time. I buy books, people give books, books come in for review. And the new ones always catch my attention- so the ones that are on my shelf sit and patiently wait. I need to be more fair to them- it’s time for them to have some time in the spotlight.

– While it’s not a reading goal, exactly, I resolve to keep my Goodreads shelves updated and my real bookshelves organized and nice looking.

Fingers crossed that at the end of 2013- I’ll have met or exceeded my original goals.

Looking for more ideas for reading goals? She Reads has several! And they want to know “What are you reading goals for 2013”? Is it to read more of a particular author? Read the books on your TBR shelf? Try audio? Maybe e-books? Whatever your reading goal- it’s a worthy one- so drop back by and share!