Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark…

Mobbed by Carol Higgins Clark is my first book toward my goal of 13 in Cruisin Thru the Cozies Reading Challenge 2013.

Regan Reilly and husband Jack Reilly are headed to Jersey Shore to spend the weekend with Nora and Luke (Regan’s parents). Regan’s in need of some fun since she’s had to give a friend, Haley, some bad news about a man she’s dating. After that phone call, Regan hears from her mother about a garage sale of Edna Frawley- a mother to Karen who is friends with Nora. Nora asks Regan to come earlier to help her find out more about this garage sale business- so Regan hops and train and heads to Nora.

When they arrive at Edna’s house- they find that Edna had rented the place to Cleo Paradise, but she had left early- and told Edna to take care of the belongings she left behind. Edna works that situation to her benefit by deciding to sell Cleo’s things- and judging from the crowd- she’ll make a pretty penny!

Still some are wondering where Cleo ran off to suddenly? Why she didn’t stay the extra week like she was supposed to? Her friend and family are concerned. Does Cleo’s disappearance have anything to do with the stalker movie she did?

Only Carol Higgins Clark can take a missing movie star, a garage sale, a cheater, a retirement home, and some eclectic characters and weave a story that’s funny, light and fluffy together to make a quick, easy read that is enjoyable! If you’ve ever read any Carol Higgins Clark books (and liked them!) then this will be no different. If you haven’t, I suggest giving her books a try!



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