The Lake House: Week 1 Questions

The Lake House final cover

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This is week 1 of Book Lovers Unite discussion for The Lake House. Because it’s December, because we’re all busy, because my niece was recently born, because my family will be in and out of town the next several weeks, because of a million things- I did not post a reading schedule. Why? The discussion questions are going to be more open, more to let you think about things as you are reading at your own pace. This book is a book that is delightful- it’s got moments of humor and sadness- but it’s a great story and one that you should read.

The next 2 Friday’s will have the discussion questions as well. I encourage you to read at your own pace- enjoy the book and let it give you some relaxation during the upcoming holidays.

Questions for Week 1

1. Victoria chased her dreams instead of honoring the pact that she made with her friends about never leaving the lake area. When she returns, her friends snub her. Can you understand why the snub her? Can you understand why Victoria wanted to return? Should her friends still be mad after all these years? Is there more to the story of why these friends are mad?

2. Heather is a globe trotter- but she longs for the safety of a home of her own. Why? Why does a young person want to put roots somewhere?



Thanks for joining in Week 1 questions!


Thanks for reading- and for joining in at the fun at Traveling With T (see my new blog signature!)


Week 3 Discussion Questions for Book Lovers Unite: Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn

hush little baby

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This is the last week of questions- we have discussed and had a great time!

I hope you have enjoyed reading Hush Little Baby with Book Lovers Unite.

Please know that if you have read- but have not commented- you can still join in! It’s not too late.

Next week- Thanksgiving and Black Friday will be happening- and I wish you and your family a happy holiday. And if you go out and Black Friday shop- have fun!


Questions for Week 3:

1. What was your overall thoughts about the book?


2. How did you like the ending? Fitting? Would you like to know more about Jillian or is her story over?


3. What do you think- did Gordon kill Jeffrey? Was Jeffrey just in the wrong place, wrong time? Suzanne never really tells us 100% absolutely if Gordon did or not.


4. I asked you when we first started this book- what would you do if you were in Jillian’s place and told you to think about it. After finishing the book- are you still certain of what you would do?


5. A father’s love was another theme in this book. Jillian’s dad loved her and worked hard to save her. And Claudia’s dad was another father who did what he could to help Jillian. Did Claudia’s father help out because of Jillian- or was it strictly love for his daughter and Jillian just benefited?



Week 2 Questions for Book Lovers Unite: Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn

hush little baby

It’s time for Week 2 questions! Week 1  was a great discussion- so let’s keep the momentum going for Week 2!


Remember: Answer the questions you want and ask questions if you have one- just don’t spoil ahead please!


Week 2 Questions:

1. I think we, as a group, are pretty much in agreement that Gordon is pond scum. Worse than pond scum. However- what is your opinion of Jillian? Do you trust Jillian? (Thanks to Cindi (Utah Mom’s Life for getting my mind thinking along these lines from last night’s chat!)


2. Jillian is on the defensive- trying to anticipate Gordon’s next move. After years of being married, does Jillian even have an idea of what Gordon is capable of?


3. Jillian and the school teacher- why is the school teacher going to be singing Gordon’s praises instead of Jillian’s?


4. Jillian seems to know her husband- and yet, he constantly surprises her by being 2 steps ahead. Is this because Jillian still loves her husband in some way?


5. Jillian had an affair. And then she renews it- why? Why would a woman who is married to an insane man do this? Was Jillian’s affair more about “her choosing life”, choosing to live than live in a world of black?


6.Should Jillian have clued Jeffrey more about the ways of Gordon- what he was capable of? Or, does doing that make her sound crazy?


7.  Jill runs. Takes the kids. Leaves. Is she running to certain death? Should Jill have just left on her own? Could you leave your kids?


8. When Jillian met Gordon’s dad- he warned her to not marry him. Would Jillian’s life be different if she had heeded that advice?


9. Someone realizes who Jillian is while she’s on the run. Why don’t they turn her in? Would you?


10. Paul names Jillian “Ntamqe” which translates to bear. How central is that part to this story-line?


11. Jillian knows what might be her saving grace if Gordon finds her. Is that her only motivation for keeping the baby?

Literary Friday ya’ll……

It’s Friday- the weekend is almost here- we can almost touch it!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Louisiana Book Festival wrap-up (plus a picture of me, Erin and Rita Leganski!), a video of Erin interviewing Shirley Ann Grau, a #giveaway of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, and much more!

Next week (when I finally get all my pics uploaded and organized), I’ll be posting about my first time experience at the Louisiana Book Festival- but Deep South Mag’s is EXCELLENT!


2. Blog Talk: Today, Rebecca at Love First Book gives us access to this cute printable blog planners! Maybe you are more of a digital person- and that’s great! But wouldn’t it be nice to have 1 binder where all your bloggy stuff is? Use the printables! Get organized. Your blog will thank you! Want more Blog Talk? Check out my Thursday Mashup– there’s talk of how to increase traffic, blog tips and much more (all thanks to other bloggers who are kicking butt and taking names in the bloggy world!)


3. Giveaway news: Closed the Cover and Book2Buzz teamed up to create a fantastic giveaway- and I, Traveling With T, is part of it! Visit here for the details! Want more giveaway? See my Thursday Mashup for other giveaway news!


4. Last night I was reading a few blogs and looking over some others that I’d been meaning to check out- The Book Musings was one of those I’d meaning to look at. I noticed a blog post in her Top Posts and Pages titled Please Don’t Reblog Our Content- so I clicked on it to read. M talks about how she does not care for the WordPress feature of re-blogging a post for a variety of reasons- but mainly because she works hard on having unique content at her blog. I had never actually even thought about this- but after reading her views, I’m curious as to what other people think. Re-blog or not? Should you ASK the blog before you re-blog?

I have re-blogged a few things in my time- bloggy friends post and the likes. I’ve always considered it a shout-out (since if you click to read, it directs you to the original website post). For Book Lovers Unite, before my co-host had to take a break- re-blogging worked great for us to make sure fans of our blogs were aware that new discussion questions had been posted. However, I’ve also had a negative experience- I wrote a post about Chick Lit and Body Image- and a bloggy friend re-blogged it. Months later a person commented on the post being negative and thinking that the people who re-blogged the post actually wrote it (their blog was about getting Men to read books).

Re-blogging is a feature I don’t mind- but use responsibly. Think about target audiences and if someone asks you to remove the re-blogged content, respect their wishes.


5. Week 1 Discussion Questions about Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn. Join in the discussion! This book is fast-paced and exciting!


6. What are your #fridayreads? I’m reading Sleigh Belles by Beth Albright. I’m in the mood for a mystery- any suggestions?


Happy Reading!




Week 1 Book Lovers Unite Discussion: Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn

hush little baby

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It’s here! It’s time! This is Week 1 Discussion of Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn.

Some guidelines:

Each week (on Friday) new questions will be posted. We’ll only discuss what happens in the book during the pages designated for that week’s reading. Please know you can read ahead or stick with the group or play catch-up (just #nospoilers please!)

You don’t have to answer all the questions! Just answer the ones you want! And feel free to ask questions (if there is not something that I covered!)

Lastly, just have fun! Because if it’s not fun- it’s not worth it. #truthoftheday

To see the reading schedule, visit here.

Week 1 Questions

1. “We look like the perfect family and I’m happy to pretend.” Jillian, page 1. What does this statement tell us as readers? Did it give you a tingle of nervousness about what was to happen in the next 300+ pages?

2. Gordon is a police officer. How does Gordon’s career work against Jillian? Are wives of police officers almost always doomed in this kind of situation (if their husband is abusive?)

3. Jillian is smart. She’s confident in her work environment. Jillian is not confident as a mother, though. How does Gordon use her fears and perceived shortcomings against her?

4. “I can’t handle what I have” is a theme that runs through Hush Little Baby. What does this mean? Do you ever wonder about Jillian’s state of mind as she repeats this?

5. When Gordon speaks of Jillian’s temper to a friend- Jillian is shocked.  What was Gordon’s goal?

6. Jillian tells her friend Connor about the abuse. After seeing the bruises, though, Connor has a harder time believing her story (though he still supports her).  How does Jillian’s vanity tie her hands when it comes to Gordon?

7. This week I want you to think about what you would do if you were in Jillian’s place. You don’t have to post (if it’s not something you want to share). Our last discussion will have a question about has your opinion changed (in any way) after reading the book?


Thank you for joining in! Be sure and tell your mama, your book loving friends and anyone else!