Week 2 Questions for Book Lovers Unite: Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn

hush little baby

It’s time for Week 2 questions! Week 1  was a great discussion- so let’s keep the momentum going for Week 2!


Remember: Answer the questions you want and ask questions if you have one- just don’t spoil ahead please!


Week 2 Questions:

1. I think we, as a group, are pretty much in agreement that Gordon is pond scum. Worse than pond scum. However- what is your opinion of Jillian? Do you trust Jillian? (Thanks to Cindi (Utah Mom’s Life for getting my mind thinking along these lines from last night’s chat!)


2. Jillian is on the defensive- trying to anticipate Gordon’s next move. After years of being married, does Jillian even have an idea of what Gordon is capable of?


3. Jillian and the school teacher- why is the school teacher going to be singing Gordon’s praises instead of Jillian’s?


4. Jillian seems to know her husband- and yet, he constantly surprises her by being 2 steps ahead. Is this because Jillian still loves her husband in some way?


5. Jillian had an affair. And then she renews it- why? Why would a woman who is married to an insane man do this? Was Jillian’s affair more about “her choosing life”, choosing to live than live in a world of black?


6.Should Jillian have clued Jeffrey more about the ways of Gordon- what he was capable of? Or, does doing that make her sound crazy?


7.  Jill runs. Takes the kids. Leaves. Is she running to certain death? Should Jill have just left on her own? Could you leave your kids?


8. When Jillian met Gordon’s dad- he warned her to not marry him. Would Jillian’s life be different if she had heeded that advice?


9. Someone realizes who Jillian is while she’s on the run. Why don’t they turn her in? Would you?


10. Paul names Jillian “Ntamqe” which translates to bear. How central is that part to this story-line?


11. Jillian knows what might be her saving grace if Gordon finds her. Is that her only motivation for keeping the baby?