The Lake House: Week 1 Questions

The Lake House final cover

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This is week 1 of Book Lovers Unite discussion for The Lake House. Because it’s December, because we’re all busy, because my niece was recently born, because my family will be in and out of town the next several weeks, because of a million things- I did not post a reading schedule. Why? The discussion questions are going to be more open, more to let you think about things as you are reading at your own pace. This book is a book that is delightful- it’s got moments of humor and sadness- but it’s a great story and one that you should read.

The next 2 Friday’s will have the discussion questions as well. I encourage you to read at your own pace- enjoy the book and let it give you some relaxation during the upcoming holidays.

Questions for Week 1

1. Victoria chased her dreams instead of honoring the pact that she made with her friends about never leaving the lake area. When she returns, her friends snub her. Can you understand why the snub her? Can you understand why Victoria wanted to return? Should her friends still be mad after all these years? Is there more to the story of why these friends are mad?

2. Heather is a globe trotter- but she longs for the safety of a home of her own. Why? Why does a young person want to put roots somewhere?



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Reconstructing Amelia- Week 1 Questions/Thoughts

recon amelia

It’s here! It’s here! The day we thought would never arrive! Throwing confetti in the air, pouring glasses of champagne kind of day- Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club begins!

Reminder: We’ll only be discussing the assigned reading for the week- and this post (Week 1) is the place to discuss. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

I began reading last night on the Kindle- and I’m enjoying so far!

Questions and Thoughts:

1. From the first page- I’m getting the feeling that RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA has a Gossip Girl/The Skulls/possibly a Mean Girls feel- is anyone else picking up on those movie/TV shows feelings?

2. Let’s talk about first thoughts of this cover: It’s dramatic. It’s interesting. It’s fitting for the book (at least my first impressions). Sometimes a cover does not match up with the book- did the cover art folks for Reconstructing Amelia nail it or not? (It’s ok if you change your mind later on- we’re going on first impressions here!)

3. The title- Reconstructing Amelia- a simple, yet poignant title. Reconstructing means to put something back together in the simplest terms- so the title is telling. However, is there a possibility that there is going to be more to this title?

4. We’ll discuss this as the month goes on; but what are your thoughts on teenagers, social media, and their parents? Is the teenagers just having normal “teenage rebellion”? Or is social media adding an extra layer to the normal “teenage rebellion” and making interactions between teenagers and parents harder?

5. What do you think of how the school environment is portrayed? Is this an accurate look? Or is this more of an East Coast prep school type portrayal that we see in books and movies? Is it a stereotype or is it accurate?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s thoughts and opinions!

1 day till RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club begins!

It seems like it was forever ago that this idea began, that people started expressing interest, that I finally got the lead out and decided to do this! But, here we are- 1 day away from the discussion beginning!

Thanks to all my Twitter friends, Jen S,  and everyone else who just saw this and decided to say they wanted to join- this is going to be a fun discussion!

Just 1 quick little note: I’ll be posting the questions and thoughts every Friday- but that does not mean that Friday is the only day of discussion! Think of Book Lovers Unite like a cocktail party- you come in, grab your drink, begin chatting with people. Then perhaps you need to take a break and go catch a breath of fresh air- just come back to discuss when you can!

Here is a link from a previous post- think of it like a FAQ/Guideline thing that you should look over!

One last thing: Just before this starts, let’s just be sure to be respectful of each other. I don’t expect a problem (because we’re adults who like to read and discuss books- and we understand that each person has their own opinion!)

See ya’ll tomorrow- I can’t wait!