The Lake House: Week 1 Questions

The Lake House final cover

Photo Credit: Goodreads

This is week 1 of Book Lovers Unite discussion for The Lake House. Because it’s December, because we’re all busy, because my niece was recently born, because my family will be in and out of town the next several weeks, because of a million things- I did not post a reading schedule. Why? The discussion questions are going to be more open, more to let you think about things as you are reading at your own pace. This book is a book that is delightful- it’s got moments of humor and sadness- but it’s a great story and one that you should read.

The next 2 Friday’s will have the discussion questions as well. I encourage you to read at your own pace- enjoy the book and let it give you some relaxation during the upcoming holidays.

Questions for Week 1

1. Victoria chased her dreams instead of honoring the pact that she made with her friends about never leaving the lake area. When she returns, her friends snub her. Can you understand why the snub her? Can you understand why Victoria wanted to return? Should her friends still be mad after all these years? Is there more to the story of why these friends are mad?

2. Heather is a globe trotter- but she longs for the safety of a home of her own. Why? Why does a young person want to put roots somewhere?



Thanks for joining in Week 1 questions!


Thanks for reading- and for joining in at the fun at Traveling With T (see my new blog signature!)


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