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literary friday

Literary Friday…. The best day of the week (am I right? I so am, right?) This Literary Friday has a bit of a magical feel to me (even more than normal) because Christmas Day is just right around the corner. And the stockings were hung by the fireplace with care- and all that jazz!


1. Deep South Magazine and #literaryfriday: Stories from Kimberly Brock and Ann Hite, 15 Best Covers of 2013, and some Key West news. Plus, much more!


2. Giveaways at Traveling With T: 2 Year Bloggy Anniversary Giveaway, Blade to the Keep by Lauren Dane e-book giveaway, Turn Up The Heat by Lori Foster, Victoria Dahl, and Christie Ridgway, and Thought I Knew You by Kate Moretti giveaway!


3.  Remember when Traveling With T went to Louisiana Book Festival in November and how I was going to post all about it? Well- I finally did! Here is the recap- the fun I had, hanging out with Deep South Magazine and Rita Leganski, and how THE HUNK changed my life.


4.Bloggers Made of AWESOME is back this week- with Ashley @ Closed The Cover- a woman who is a social media machine (with a heart of gold!)


5. What are your #FridayReads? I just finished KIND OF CRUEL by Sophie Hannah. And I’m so disappointed. It had such promise- but for me, I did not care for it. Did anyone else read & LOVE it? If so, chime in & let’s talk books! Other reads: THE PIECES WE KEEP by Kristina McMorris (Loving it!)


6. Have you been noticing some of the changes to Traveling With T? I hope so 🙂 Been tweaking my blog (not to be confused with Twerking!)


7. 2014 is going to bring some new features to Traveling With T & an announcement or 2 🙂 Get your party hats on!




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Louisiana Book Festival 2013


The Louisiana Book Festival was an incredible weekend in November! In Baton Rouge, just a hop, skip and a jump from my small town in Mississippi, the festival weekend was nice- not hot and def not cold! It was sunny skies and beautiful weather!

My friend Erin of Deep South Magazine invited me to come for the weekend and hang out with her. Erin was a lucky duck that weekend as she was getting to moderate 2 of the panels of author discussions (Rita Leganski of The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow fame and Shirley Ann Grau!)

I arrived Friday around lunch time- and after a quick call to the Hotel Indigo (shout out to them for helping a lost girl find the hotel!), pulled up to hotel, left my car with the valet and walked inside. Seriously, Hotel Indigo was nice. Located in the downtown area, near the MS River- and across the street from PJ’s Coffee– the Hotel Indigo was in a great location with a polite staff! Erin arrived shortly after I made it to the hotel, and after a quick check in, we went to our hotel room and then left the hotel to find a bite to eat. Went to a nearby restaurant where we had this great lunch (grilled shrimp wraps!) and then stopped by PJ’s Coffee to get an afternoon pick me up. Sat outside and chatted, soaking up the sun and taking care of some social media business- then we walked down to the MS River, looked around and began a walking tour of the downtown area.

pjs coffee


me ms river


After walking around the downtown area- we decided to head back to the hotel and hang out for a bit before going to Tsunami for a pre-party drink, then heading to the Louisiana Book Festival Author Party. At Tsunami, we sat on the rooftop (incredible view of the MS River!) and chatted about different books we have been reading, places we wanted to travel and more! Erin convinced me to get The Hunk martini telling me it was so delicious (and she was right!) The Hunk is the perfect combo of sweet and delicious- and def is now my drink of choice for future visits to Baton Rouge.


watching sunset on ms river




That night, at the author party, as we walked in we saw Rita Leganski and her husband immediately and began chatting with them. In the lobby, there was a 3 piece band playing lively Louisiana music and there were book covers of the authors attending the festival decorating the area. Inside the library, there was food and wine being served- so we walked inside and had crawfish etouffee, catfish, shrimp, and other nibbles of food.  When the party was over, me and Erin walked back to the hotel- where we considered having another drink at Tsunami, but seeing the rooftop was closed for a private party changed our mind. So, we went back to the hotel, discussed The Silence of Bonaventure Arrow for Erin’s discussion the next day and then turned in pretty early- since Saturday was busy!

Saturday, we arrived to the Capitol, had to go through security, and then made it to the author room a few minutes before the Rita Leganski discussion. When escorted to the correct room, Erin passed me her Iphone to take some pictures and video- and I became Deep South Magazine’s social media person- tweeting, videoing, Instagram-ing, and taking picture with my own camera as well! Listening to Rita talk about her love for the South, how Bonaventure Arrow came about and Rita’s incredible story of going to college in her adult years was something else! Rita is incredible- and if you ever get the opportunity- def go meet her! We quickly rushed to the room for the Shirley Ann Grau event- where I again took on Deep South’s social media accounts. Not being familiar with Shirley’s work- I wasn’t sure what to expect- but she was entertaining and memorable. Listening to her stories about her books, her life, and more was so worth it!

Once Erin finished her commitments, we just walked around, took pictures- went to see Kit Wohl cook Popeye’s Gumbo, and had lunch. All in all, we had a fantastic time- and I will def be wanting to go back to Louisiana Book Festival! Here is the recap of the weekend from Deep South Magazine (with a link to the video of Erin and Shirley Ann Grau).


rita me erin

Rita Leganski, me, and Erin


me and erin

Erin and I at the Louisiana Book Festival Author Party

I HIGHLY recommend attending the Louisiana Book Festival if you ever get a chance.

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Literary Friday ya’ll……

It’s Friday- the weekend is almost here- we can almost touch it!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: Louisiana Book Festival wrap-up (plus a picture of me, Erin and Rita Leganski!), a video of Erin interviewing Shirley Ann Grau, a #giveaway of Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, and much more!

Next week (when I finally get all my pics uploaded and organized), I’ll be posting about my first time experience at the Louisiana Book Festival- but Deep South Mag’s is EXCELLENT!


2. Blog Talk: Today, Rebecca at Love First Book gives us access to this cute printable blog planners! Maybe you are more of a digital person- and that’s great! But wouldn’t it be nice to have 1 binder where all your bloggy stuff is? Use the printables! Get organized. Your blog will thank you! Want more Blog Talk? Check out my Thursday Mashup– there’s talk of how to increase traffic, blog tips and much more (all thanks to other bloggers who are kicking butt and taking names in the bloggy world!)


3. Giveaway news: Closed the Cover and Book2Buzz teamed up to create a fantastic giveaway- and I, Traveling With T, is part of it! Visit here for the details! Want more giveaway? See my Thursday Mashup for other giveaway news!


4. Last night I was reading a few blogs and looking over some others that I’d been meaning to check out- The Book Musings was one of those I’d meaning to look at. I noticed a blog post in her Top Posts and Pages titled Please Don’t Reblog Our Content- so I clicked on it to read. M talks about how she does not care for the WordPress feature of re-blogging a post for a variety of reasons- but mainly because she works hard on having unique content at her blog. I had never actually even thought about this- but after reading her views, I’m curious as to what other people think. Re-blog or not? Should you ASK the blog before you re-blog?

I have re-blogged a few things in my time- bloggy friends post and the likes. I’ve always considered it a shout-out (since if you click to read, it directs you to the original website post). For Book Lovers Unite, before my co-host had to take a break- re-blogging worked great for us to make sure fans of our blogs were aware that new discussion questions had been posted. However, I’ve also had a negative experience- I wrote a post about Chick Lit and Body Image- and a bloggy friend re-blogged it. Months later a person commented on the post being negative and thinking that the people who re-blogged the post actually wrote it (their blog was about getting Men to read books).

Re-blogging is a feature I don’t mind- but use responsibly. Think about target audiences and if someone asks you to remove the re-blogged content, respect their wishes.


5. Week 1 Discussion Questions about Hush Little Baby by Suzanne Redfearn. Join in the discussion! This book is fast-paced and exciting!


6. What are your #fridayreads? I’m reading Sleigh Belles by Beth Albright. I’m in the mood for a mystery- any suggestions?


Happy Reading!