Bloggers LOVE Belles… Sassy Belles!

bloggers love belles

Last summer, when Beth Albright’s debut, THE SASSY BELLES, made Deep South Magazine’s Summer Reading List- I had a good feeling about Beth. As bookish fate would happen, I was not the only one who felt this way- I found 2 other bloggers who adore Beth and her Sassy Belles just as much! Over the past few months, as we each have read the trilogy and the follow up novella- tweets and emails have been flying back and forth over the interwebs about how much we like this character, or how this character has changed so much, or how sweet some of the scenes in the books are! Then one day, a genius idea hits me. Why don’t do a post on why we love the Belles? So, I asked Kristin from Always With a Book and Helen from My Novel Opinion to join in the fun and they both agreed! And now it’s time to reveal what we’ve been working on- 3 bloggers who love Belles!

*Setting the scene* In my mind, we are sitting around a table enjoying glasses of wine and having a wonderful chat. In reality, this was all constructed via email. But I did have glass of wine while composing the questions 🙂

So here it is- bloggers chatting about Belles!

How did you find out about The Sassy Belles trilogy by Beth Albright? Social media? Asked to review? Saw a review somewhere and wanted to check it out? 

Helen: I was still pretty new to blogging and the novelty of Netgalley. Every day I was checking out any new books that had been added for request, and the covers of The Sassy Belles and Wedding Belles just really stood out to me. Then the summary sold me on the books. I knew I had to read them! I’d read a couple of Cathy Holton books earlier last year, and fell in love with Southern fiction. I’d been wondering what to read next and Beth’s books seemed to be it.

Kristin: I was asked to review the first 2 books by a publicist. I really loved them and then requested the third one from Netgalley because the publicist wasn’t doing a tour for that book. I also read the novella – I bought that one.


T: I found out about The Sassy Belles via Deep South Magazine (Erin, the lovely founder of Deep South Magazine never fails to add to my reading list!) But, I became more invested in the series as I reached out and chatted with Beth- and she won my heart when a mixup with winning The Sassy Belles from another place happened and she sent me a personally signed copy!


Of the 3 books and the 1 novella currently out, which has your favorite cover?

Helen: Oh wow T! Could you have asked a more difficult question? Erm, this is really tough I like them all. I love how the 3 covers books have matching covers, each featuring the central character of the book. The Sassy Belles with Blake, Wedding Belles and Vivi, then Dallas on the cover of Sleigh Belles. As soon as the cover for Sleigh Belles was revealed I just knew it would be Dallas-centric. So, back to your very difficult question – if I had to pick one it would be Wedding Belles. The house featured on the front is exactly as I would picture Vivi’s home!


Kristin:  My favorite cover is the first one, the cover for The Sassy Belles, although I have liked them all!


T: I really don’t play fair, do I Helen? I ask the tough questions 😉  I loved each and every cover so much- but, I think Sleigh Belles is the most eye-catching!



What character in the series did you relate to the most?

Helen: I’m going to be a bit of a cop out on this question and say that I related to all three women in little ways. Blake’s ambition spoke to me…a lot! Vivi seemed to realize her calling in life when she became a mommy, it really is the best feeling in the world and offers a totally new perspective on everything around you – I could absolutely relate to that. Then just how Dallas is so misunderstood, she has a bit of a jealous streak when it comes to Blake (sibling rivalry is real!), and how she comes through everything to be a strong and ambitious woman. I’ve hit a lot of hurdles in life, and you just jump over it (maybe stumble) and keep going until you reach the next one.


Kristin: This is a tough question. At different times throughout the four books, I could relate to all the characters for one reason or another.


T: Blake- her ambitious ways, her love of purses- well that all spoke to me. I adored Blake!


What is a favorite scene (or 2) from the books?

Helen: I loved the last minute arrival of Lewis to his wedding. In fact the whole wedding is probably my most favorite scene. I don’t want to give details away to anyone who hasn’t read Wedding Belles yet, but I was really worried that he wouldn’t make it, and in the end everything just worked out perfectly. And any scene involving the FruFru’s, I am hoping they are brought back in future books and probably with a new venture after party planning and interior design didn’t work out quite so well!


Kristin: I loved seeing Dallas become maternal during the Christmas pageant – all along in the series she just rubbed me the wrong way and in that book we really get to see her in a new light and she becomes my favorite character.


T: I really enjoyed Vivi’s wedding & the birth of Blake’s baby!



After reading the series (and knowing there will be another book in 2014) – what do you wish would happen next?

Helen: I’d love to read about how they each handle the trials and tribulations of motherhood, there are so many crazy adventures to be had there. Or perhaps seeing Blake, Vivi and Dallas go into business together after their success with private investigating in Saved by the Belles. I haven’t really given it much thought; I just know that whatever Beth comes up with next will be just as much fun as the previous books.


Kristin: I hope there continues to be good banter between the three Sassy belles. I also hope they continue to work together to solve injustices for their loved ones. I wouldn’t mind seeing them add a new gal to their group either!


T: Oh- let’s see- I hope the Sassy Belles take a trip somewhere- maybe get to go to California and educate the West coast on the ways of the South!


*Thanks to Kristin from Always With A Book and Helen from My Novel Opinion for joining in and contributing to this post!

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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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