Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday…….. I’ve been ready for you all week.
A round-up of what’s happening for Literary Friday:

1. Deep South Magazine– talking about movies and Southern book festivals going on this weekend (and in the upcoming weeks!) If you are near Decatur, GA- go to the Decatur Book Festival- Kimberly Brock will be there!

Deep South Magazine has quite a few feathers in the cap with past author interviews, but I do believe the news I was told today will be the icing on the cake (thus far!) Friday, September 7 at 1-2 pm CST on Twitter will be a tweet chat with Kathy Patrick. If you are not sure who Kathy Patrick is- have you heard of the Pulpwood Queens? Girlfriend Weekend? Beauty and the Book? If you have, then you have heard of Kathy Patrick. The basics behind Kathy is this: Pulpwood Queens was formed because book clubs should be fun, not stuffy. The group does great things, reads great books, and the Girlfriend Weekend is supposed to be a fantastic time- it’s on my bucket list of book events to go to!

For more information on Kathy Patrick, click HERE!

For more information on Girlfriend Weekend, click HERE!

For more information on Pulpwood Queen Book Selection, click HERE!

Psst: A past Pulpwood Queen book selection (main selection) was The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern.  And the October Bonus Selection is Kimberly Brock The River Witch! And the September Bonus Selection is Mary Beth Whalen The Guest Book.

Kathy Patrick and the Pulpwood Queens have this philosophy: Where tiaras are mandatory and reading good books is the RULE!- Now, that’s a philosophy I can greatly admire. Tiaras and reading good books- sign me up!

2. Over the past couple of days, an idea has been spinning in my head- featuring either up and coming writers, bloggers who love books, and other people related to the writing process. I have a couple of pieces lined up to publish to my blog- but always interested in more. If you are interested in chatting with me about this idea- having your book or writing featured or blog- let’s chat!

3. My #fridayreads is Wallflower in Bloom by Claire Cook and Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. While on opposite ends of the spectrum, both are great books!

Wherever you are, I hope you are enjoying a great book!

Happy Reading!

Literary Friday ya’ll…

It’s Friday- Literary Friday!  Let’s break out some bubbly and toast the weekend.
1. Deep South Magazine has posted their edition of Literary Friday– it’s screamingly funny this week- from a link to the books that make you un-dateable (I checked the link and luckily none of my favorite books made the list!) to a round up of Southern events. Sign up to have Deep South Mag delivered to your inbox- that way you won’t miss out on any Southern goodies!

2. Deep South Mag also did a post on Summer Booksignings that can’t be missed- a huge thanks to Erin for posting my picture with Karen White and for mentioning my blog- grateful beyond words! Also mentioned is Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch tour- she’s making stops in Mississippi- so come and see her, listen to Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band, get your book signed, and mingle with other fans. Should be extremely fun!

3. I used the term “literary crushes” a few weeks ago- and I was all about Peeta from The Hunger Games (don’t judge and I still am!) However, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice is gaining ground. I’ve enjoyed reading his and Elizabeth’s back and forth banter in Pride and Prejudice.

4. I’ve been raving about Gone Girl for weeks- it’s great, it’s a summer read, it’s wonderful- get ready for more raves- it’s going to be a MOVIE!

5. My Friday Reads is a bit of a mystery- I have way too many books to choose from- Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong, Elin Hilderbrand’s Summerland, and several others. What are you reading on this Friday?

Happy Reading!


Literary Friday ya’ll…

Friday, Friday- Literary Friday or #fridayreads or TGIF- however you want to look at it, we’re so close to the weekend- we can taste it!

My #fridayreads choice is A Teeny Bit of Trouble by Michael Lee West. I love Teeny as a character- she’s a great, fun character.

Deep South Magazine has an interview with Lynne  Bryant posted- her  book, Catfish Alley, made the Deep South Magazine 2011 Summer Reading list. Her next book, Alligator Lake, made the 2012 Reading List.  Read the interview for an insightful look into her books and background.

The other day, I used the term literary crushes- Erin from Deep South Magazine and I had a bit of a tweet chat about the term and she thought it would be a great Literary Friday discussion. I agree! As I said before, my current literary crush is Peeta from The Hunger Games. I love how he’s protective of Katniss, love how he can be so selfless in his feelings toward her.  A past literary crush was Joe Morrelli from Stephanie Plum series.  I think a list will be forthcoming of literary crushes!

I pre-ordered Stacey Ballis Off the Menu yesterday- the book cover drew me in. I also pre-ordered the 6 installments of The Sweet Life by Francine Pascal. Nostalgia rocks!

Whether you enjoy some reading in the A/C this weekend, relaxing by the pool, or digging your toes in the sand- definitely do some reading! And report back on reading choices- what the good books are, the bad books, the books that are over-hyped, the books that are under-hyped. I’m curious to hear about all!

Happy Reading and Happy Literary Friday!


Friday Reads ya’ll…..

It’s Friday- so I’m going to jump on the #fridayreads bandwagon!

If you like a little Southern Lit (#southernlit)- be sure and look at Deep South Magazine‘s Literary Friday page- sometimes an interview with an author, sometimes just random literary facts; but always a guaranteed good place to check out.

Currently my Friday reads consists of The River Witch by Kimberly Brock and Alex Cross’s Trial by James Patterson. The River Witch is magical, reminding us that while we may be broken- somewhere in us and somewhere in the world is a place to heal. Roslyn is a character that will haunt me (in a good way!) for sometime. Final thoughts and a full review of book will be forthcoming.

Alex Cross’s Trial– chosen by a member of the book club I’m in- is interesting. It’s not like the typical Alex Cross books I’ve read lately, though.

Other books I look forward to putting on my Friday Reads list soon: The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D. by Nichole Bernier and  Sea Change by Karen White (also a book on Deep South Magazine Summer Reading List 2012).

If you will be near Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS on July 13- stop by for a Karen White book signing- begins at 5pm. And if you are reading Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch and will be in Greenwood, MS on August 14 or Tupelo, MS on August 16- stop in Turnrow Books (Greenwood) or Reed’s  Gum Tree Books (Tupelo) for a book signing AND to hear the Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band. Both appear to be fun events!

Happy Reading!