Literary Friday ya’ll…

It’s Friday- Literary Friday!  Let’s break out some bubbly and toast the weekend.
1. Deep South Magazine has posted their edition of Literary Friday– it’s screamingly funny this week- from a link to the books that make you un-dateable (I checked the link and luckily none of my favorite books made the list!) to a round up of Southern events. Sign up to have Deep South Mag delivered to your inbox- that way you won’t miss out on any Southern goodies!

2. Deep South Mag also did a post on Summer Booksignings that can’t be missed- a huge thanks to Erin for posting my picture with Karen White and for mentioning my blog- grateful beyond words! Also mentioned is Kimberly Brock’s The River Witch tour- she’s making stops in Mississippi- so come and see her, listen to Anna Kline and the Grits and Soul Band, get your book signed, and mingle with other fans. Should be extremely fun!

3. I used the term “literary crushes” a few weeks ago- and I was all about Peeta from The Hunger Games (don’t judge and I still am!) However, Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice is gaining ground. I’ve enjoyed reading his and Elizabeth’s back and forth banter in Pride and Prejudice.

4. I’ve been raving about Gone Girl for weeks- it’s great, it’s a summer read, it’s wonderful- get ready for more raves- it’s going to be a MOVIE!

5. My Friday Reads is a bit of a mystery- I have way too many books to choose from- Emily Giffin’s Where We Belong, Elin Hilderbrand’s Summerland, and several others. What are you reading on this Friday?

Happy Reading!


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