Literary Friday ya’ll…

Friday, Friday- Literary Friday or #fridayreads or TGIF- however you want to look at it, we’re so close to the weekend- we can taste it!

My #fridayreads choice is A Teeny Bit of Trouble by Michael Lee West. I love Teeny as a character- she’s a great, fun character.

Deep South Magazine has an interview with Lynne  Bryant posted- her  book, Catfish Alley, made the Deep South Magazine 2011 Summer Reading list. Her next book, Alligator Lake, made the 2012 Reading List.  Read the interview for an insightful look into her books and background.

The other day, I used the term literary crushes- Erin from Deep South Magazine and I had a bit of a tweet chat about the term and she thought it would be a great Literary Friday discussion. I agree! As I said before, my current literary crush is Peeta from The Hunger Games. I love how he’s protective of Katniss, love how he can be so selfless in his feelings toward her.  A past literary crush was Joe Morrelli from Stephanie Plum series.  I think a list will be forthcoming of literary crushes!

I pre-ordered Stacey Ballis Off the Menu yesterday- the book cover drew me in. I also pre-ordered the 6 installments of The Sweet Life by Francine Pascal. Nostalgia rocks!

Whether you enjoy some reading in the A/C this weekend, relaxing by the pool, or digging your toes in the sand- definitely do some reading! And report back on reading choices- what the good books are, the bad books, the books that are over-hyped, the books that are under-hyped. I’m curious to hear about all!

Happy Reading and Happy Literary Friday!


Michael Lee West- A “Teeny” bit of wonderful.

Michael Lee West (@michaelleewest) is the author of several books, although her last 2 books have been about the tales of Teeny Templeton and her fun ways, getting into trouble, and finding her way through life. Teeny is a character, interesting, fun-loving, the kind of character you can root for.

Both of the book covers for the Teeny books are beautiful, eye-catching and quite a conversation starter.

To me Teeny is the type of character that is made for summer reading. Michael Lee West’s books are light-hearted, fun, quirky at times, and with a bit of mystery. The 2 books in the Teeny Templeton series (Gone with an Handsomer Man and A Teeny Bit of Trouble) are perfect beach reads.

Deep South Magazine had an interview with Michael Lee West about the latest book in the Teeny series (A Teeny Bit of Trouble) and what she has planned for Teeny in the future. It’s definitely a worth-while read, so please check that out.

Deep South Magazine also has a 2012 Summer Reading list. If you are in need of a beach read, take a look. The list is chock-full of good authors- such as Mary Kay Andrews, Michael Lee West, Kimberly Brock, Jesmyn Ward, Karen White and others. Practically guaranteed to find at least one book for summer reading!