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Hello lovely readers! You know (if you have spent any time here!) that I host cover reveals for the authors of Velvet Morning Press fairly often (LOVE those covers!) And you probably know that Velvet Morning Press is the joint effort of Adria and Vicki! What you might not know is that those 2 ladies weren’t content to just be authors, publishers, Tall Poppy Writers and a hundred other roles- oh no, they teamed up to create BookStar– a site you can sign up to get book deals delivered to your inbox (so you don’t miss out on a great deal!)

When Adria contacted me about a giveaway- I said “Sure!” Because my readers deserve great #giveaways. You people are what keep me blogging and I’m so in awe of your awesomeness!

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{Cover Reveal} A Perfumer’s Secret by Adria J. Cimino

Cover Reveal Traveling With T

It’s the first cover reveal of 2016 at Traveling With T! Prepare to feast your eyes on this gorgeous cover from Adria Cimino!

Look for A PERFUMER’S SECRET on May 15, 2016 (in the meantime- why don’t you visit Goodreads and add it to your Goodreads “Want To Read” list?)

Let’s go and take a good look at this cover! Continue reading

Book Talk With R & T: Celebrating Adria Cimino & her books!

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If you know Adria Cimino, you know how good of a person she is. Having had the chance to make her acquaintance via the internet over a year ago- I have always been impressed with how Adria presents herself on social media. She’s an author and while, yes, she does promote her books- she also takes time to build and foster connections with the people behind the blogs- and I think we all appreciate that!

When Rhiannon and I were discussing what book to read next, Adria’s name came up and it seemed the natural conclusion as both of us have had a chance to get to know her and have admired her style! Continue reading

Close to Destiny by Adria Cimino {The New Book Talk With R&T selection}

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Hello! I’m currently writing this post while wearing my fetch scarf and adorable hat (ya’ll, it’s cold. Way colder than I like!) while my co-partner in Book Talk With R & T fabulousness fends off the cold and A COLD in her neck of the woods- it’s time to announce the new Book Talk selection.

And it’s…………… (imagine drum rolls, fireworks, glitter, and the brightest sparklers ever!) Continue reading

{Cover Reveal} Close to Destiny by Adria Cimino

Cover reveal

Today, I have Adria Cimino back to share the cover of her newest book (out in stores March 2015), CLOSE TO DESTINY. So excited to have Adria back today- she’s such a lovely person!

In fact, I think she is so lovely- and I think you would agree- so why don’t you check out her social media (Facebook and Twitter)? It’ll give you something to do while you wait on CLOSE TO DESTINY to be released, yes? Continue reading

{Guest Post} Adria Cimino Reveals The Many Faces Of That’s Paris…

It's a Guest Post day

When you hear Paris, what do you think? I think of berets, Carrie Bradshaw, and the Eiffel Tower. I think of a city that is romanticized in movies and literature. I think of many things- some very cliched thoughts and some not so much. Today, Adria chats with the readers of Traveling With T about the anthology that Velvet Morning Press will be releasing in a few weeks (February 2nd, mark your calendars, peeps!) THAT’S PARIS- and what Paris means to people!

Want to see the cover? Check out the THAT’S PARIS Cover Reveal @ Traveling With T. Continue reading

{Cover Reveal} That’s Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm in Paris

Cover reveal

Hello folks! Today Traveling With T has a COVER REVEAL! You may remember from past posts at Traveling With T about Vicki Lesage and Adria Ciminio- well those 2 ladies joined forces and created Velvet Morning Press- a new small press. When Adria contacted me about doing a cover reveal for one of Velvet Morning’s first projects- I was ecstatic- and immediately agreed. So now here we are!

Before I reveal the cover of THAT’S PARIS– here is a link to the post about it at Velvet Morning Press- a little behind the scenes look, if you will!

And now.. if you are ready- click that read more button to see the cover and read an excerpt! Continue reading

Literary Friday, ya’ll…

literary friday


Today is Valentine’s Day and Literary Friday- so…. do the right thing and get a book and enjoy some bookish love 🙂


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: talks of Nicholas Sparks, giveaway, 50 Sexiest Books, and much more!

2. Traveling With T is asking: Who is your favorite romantic film or literary couple? I’ve listed a FEW of mine- and I would love to hear from you!

3. Still looking for Valentine gift inspiration? Here is a few ideas!

4. Traveling With T this week interviewed Gigi Pandian, author of PIRATE VISHNU, posted an Author Spotlight on Adria J. Cimino and reviewed SOMETHING YELLOW by Laura Templeton!

5. What is So Wrong With “Happily Ever After?” is a question Traveling With T posed this week on the blog- would love to hear more thoughts!

6. My #fridayreads FOUR FRIENDS by Robyn Carr and THROW IN THE TROWEL by Kate Collins.


♥♥♥ I love you all! Thanks for commenting, for stopping by, for sharing on Facebook, Twitter and G+, for finding me interesting! Have a wonderful day, a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ♥♥♥


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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Interview with Adria J. Cimino, author of Paris, Rue des Martyrs

author interviews

Adria J. Cimino is here today to talk to Traveling With T about her debut novel, Paris, Rue des Martyrs- which can be purchased at Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and coming soon to Apple IBookstore.

Interview with Adria J. Cimino

Adria, thank you for stopping by Traveling With T to talk about your book, Paris, Rue des Martyrs.


It’s my pleasure! Thank you for inviting me to chat!


Adria, can you tell the readers a little bit about Paris, Rue des Martyrs?

Paris, Rue des Martyrs is actually four stories in one: Four strangers, each at a crossroads of sorts, find their lives and stories entwining. The novel is about the importance of relationships and how certain encounters can change the course of our lives. And it is a commentary about city life: While the city may represent liberation for one, it can mean oppression for another.


Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes… and no. I’ll explain. I always wanted to write, but was an extremely shy bookworm as a child. So the idea of actually sharing what I wrote with anyone was terrifying. Especially the idea of fiction, which to me is a lot more personal than the news articles I’ve written as a journalist. Luckily, I lost a bit of the shyness and couldn’t resist the temptation to follow my heart.


Do you have a writing space or a writing routine?

I wrote a lot of “Paris, Rue des Martyrs” in the commuter train at 6 a.m.! And then, once we moved into Paris, I wrote on the weekends. Now that I’m no longer working full-time in an office, I have the luxury of writing for a shorter time each day. So no more two-day writing marathons! My writing space is the dining room table. Apartments are often small in Paris 🙂


What is the best advice that you received in your journey to be an author?

From my mom, who I so wish was still around to see my book published. She told me never to give up, never to even think about the possibility of failure.


Today, many authors are not only writing books- but they are having to build a following on social media. How are you using social media to help find a fan base?

I think social media is absolutely essential today for both new and established authors. I’m on Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. I post on my blog twice a week and regularly visit my favorite book and travel-related blogs. I’m also on Google+. And I never, ever send out generic messages. If I don’t have time to send someone a personal message, I won’t send a message at all.

I realize that for any success that I may have, I will have to thank social media and especially the book blogging community. Sure, you can be a good writer, but if no one knows about you…


What was the best part about writing Paris, Rue des Martyrs?

The best part of writing this novel was re-examining life in Paris from four completely different points of view and making those perspectives of the city convincing and real. It was challenging and a lot of fun!

Adria, can you tell the readers of Traveling With T about any future book plans?

Sure, since I’ve been seriously writing for more than a decade, I actually have two novels waiting in the wings. I have to remain vague at this point, but I can say that one is about the role of destiny in a young woman’s life. It is set in New York and London. And the other is about a young perfumer and is set in the perfume capital of Grasse, France. (I mention the setting because location isn’t just an arbitrary decision for me, but always has a larger role in my work.)


Paris Rue des Martyrs FB

Photo Credit: Provided by Author


Some encounters make a difference.


Four strangers in Paris. Each one is on a quest: to uncover a family secret, to grasp a new chance at love, to repair mistakes of the past. Four stories entwine, four quests become one, as their paths cross amid the beauty, squalor, animation and desolation of a street in Paris, the Rue des Martyrs.


Rafael’s search for his birth mother leads him to love and grim family secrets. Cecile’s view of herself as an unsatisfied housewife is radically changed by the promise of a passionate liaison. Andre, an aging actor, troubled by the arrival of the son he abandoned years ago, must make a choice, to either lose his son forever or put aside pride and seek redemption. Mira travels to Paris to begin a new life and forget about love… or so she intends.


Four strangers, four stories, one riveting novel.


adria J. Cimino

Photo credit: Provided by author

Connect with Adria: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus,




*Thanks Adria for the author interview!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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Author Spotlight: Adria J. Cimino, author of Paris, Rue des Martyrs

author spotlight

Today, Adria J. Cimino stops by and we learn a bit more about her- as the woman behind the book. You might remember Adria first appearing on Traveling With T as part of the cover reveal for Paris, Rue des Martyrs.

In today’s author spotlight- we’ll learn about Adria’s favorite books & her #literarycrush. Be sure and check back Thursday for the Author Interview- where Adria tells us all about Paris, Rue des Martyrs!

Author Spotlight: Adria J. Cimino

Adria, what are your Top 3 Favorite Books of all time?

Such a difficult question, but these three are always quite near the top…

The Great Gatsby

To Kill a Mockingbird

The Master and Margarita


If you could be best friends with a character in a book, who would you pick? And why?

Idgie of Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café because she is loyal, compassionate and strong.


Do you have any #literaryconfessions?

As a journalist, I interviewed John Updike — but I hadn’t read his books. Oops! To make it a little bit less embarrassing, it was a very last-minute assignment.


Do you have a #literarycrush?

Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights


What is your favorite color?

Purple, just like my mom. And now my little girl loves purple too. I think it’s hereditary!


What is your favorite opening line to a book?

It’s actually an opening paragraph so I hope this counts. From The Lover by Marguerite Duras:

One day, I was already old, in the entrance of a public place a man came up to me. He introduced himself and said, “I’ve known you for years. Everyone says you were beautiful when you were young, but I want to tell you I think you’re more beautiful now than then. Rather than your face as a young woman, I prefer your face as it is now. Ravaged.”

What is your favorite food?

Home-made pasta (made by my grandma years ago and my husband today)

Paris Rue des Martyrs FB

Photo Credit: Author Provided


*Thank you Adria for answering these questions and letting us know a bit more about you!


adria J. Cimino

Photo Credit: Author Provided


Adria J. Cimino lives in Paris and enjoys sharing her adventures in the city and thoughts about the writing life in her blog “Adria in Paris.”



Previously, she worked as a journalist for more than a decade at news organizations including the Associated Press and Bloomberg News.


Adria, who grew up in the sunshine, holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida.


“Paris, Rue des Martyrs” is her first novel.


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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