{Book Spotlight} Chef Q in Paris: The Fall Collection by Didier Quemener

book spotlight


Today the book spotlight is a bit more foodie-licious than normal at Traveling With T! Velvet Morning Press is releasing their first cookbook and ya’ll if the guest post that Didier Quemener wrote does not make you want to travel to Paris RIGHT NOW- well, I don’t even want to talk to you anymore 😉 😉 As a bread lover, I feel that my first stop will be the bread places that Didier mentions (next stop: CHOCOLATE!)


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{Giveaway} #Win $10 Amazon Gift Card and 3 E-books!

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Hello lovely readers! You know (if you have spent any time here!) that I host cover reveals for the authors of Velvet Morning Press fairly often (LOVE those covers!) And you probably know that Velvet Morning Press is the joint effort of Adria and Vicki! What you might not know is that those 2 ladies weren’t content to just be authors, publishers, Tall Poppy Writers and a hundred other roles- oh no, they teamed up to create BookStar– a site you can sign up to get book deals delivered to your inbox (so you don’t miss out on a great deal!)

When Adria contacted me about a giveaway- I said “Sure!” Because my readers deserve great #giveaways. You people are what keep me blogging and I’m so in awe of your awesomeness!

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{Cover Reveal} Frosted Cowboy by Charlene Ross

Cover reveal

Hi ya folks! Today, I have Charlene Ross’s FROSTED COWBOY all nice and shined up and ready for a COVER REVEAL.

After you grin at the cover- there will be the excerpt to read- so be sure and check it out!

And, you know… if you like the cover- a tweet to Charlene and Velvet Morning Press would be super-appreciated by both parties 🙂


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Cover Reveal: Entanglement by Katie Rose Guest Pryal



Cover reveal

Let’s do a cover reveal today! The newest book to come out of the oh so capable hands of the Velvet Morning Press duo- Adria and Vicki is going to be Katie Rose Guest Pryal’s ENTANGLEMENT (look for it summer 2015!)

But today, exclusively at Traveling With T, is the cover reveal!

Now, no peeking till I say it’s time!

Are your eyes closed? (Wait, if they are- then you wouldn’t be able to read this- so maybe just a teensy peek!)

You ready?

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Cover Reveal: Survival of the Ginnest by Aimee Horton

Cover reveal

When one half of the duo of VELVET MORNING PRESS– the lovely Adria Cimino- asked me to host the cover reveal for a new book VMP will be promoting- I said sure!

Then she sent me the cover and I cracked up. I mean, this cover can turn a frown upside down in a nano-second!

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{That’s Paris} Laura Schalk talks about Café Life & Hemingway


Photo Credit: Provided by Laura S


Today, I have Laura Schalk guest posting at Traveling With T as part of the promotion for THAT’S PARIS: AN ANTHOLOGY OF LOVE, LIFE AND SARCASM IN PARIS, Laura has written a funny post about café’s and ties in Hemingway (humorous and literary?! Oh yes!)

Don’t forget: You can now order THAT’S PARIS for your reading pleasure and don’t forget about the Twitter chat that I’m hosting on Feb 19th @ 3pmEST #thatsparis!

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