{Guest Post} Adria Cimino Reveals The Many Faces Of That’s Paris…

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When you hear Paris, what do you think? I think of berets, Carrie Bradshaw, and the Eiffel Tower. I think of a city that is romanticized in movies and literature. I think of many things- some very cliched thoughts and some not so much. Today, Adria chats with the readers of Traveling With T about the anthology that Velvet Morning Press will be releasing in a few weeks (February 2nd, mark your calendars, peeps!) THAT’S PARIS- and what Paris means to people!

Want to see the cover? Check out the THAT’S PARIS Cover Reveal @ Traveling With T. And now….. we’ll let Adria fill us in on the city of Paris!


What is it About Paris? It Depends on Who You Ask…

By Adria J. Cimino

That's Paris cover

Photo Credit: Velvet Morning Press 2/2/15


What is it about Paris? For you, it might be a place to grow up, come of age, becoming oneself. For me, it may be the city of adulthood, serious relationships, stability. It is transient for some, permanent for others. It is everything—always.


Storefronts may change from time to time, but Paris, throughout the years, remains the same. If we return after 20 years, it will welcome us with the scent of fresh baguettes and cigarettes smoke, and the sight of weathered stone buildings and the Seine lapping against its sprawling bridges.


Can we live without Paris? Can we live with this place of dichotomy? Beauty and ugliness, excitement and routine, pleasure and pain. Can we keep up with the pace, the restlessness, the image?


Can we ever consider such a place home? Can we ever consider such a place ordinary?


When we at Velvet Morning Press thought of publishing a short story collection about this famous city, we asked ourselves how we could capture the wonderful and the terrible, the silly and the sad, the history and the modernity—all of the bits and pieces that paint a true picture. We decided the best way was to select writers and stories as diverse as the city itself.


In “That’s Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love and Sarcasm in Paris,” a fresh view emerges with each author. As you move from story to story, the image transforms to something completely different—yet still Paris. The city is and always was multi-dimensional and so are the writers inspired by it.


As we gathered the stories for this book, we categorized them according to themes that relate to Paris and life itself. And within each theme, you’ll find a variety of emotions and messages, ranging from humor to heartbreak to hope.


You might find the words “Eiffel Tower” or “croissant” as you read, but more importantly, you will encounter the feeling of Paris. All that goes beyond the tourism destination and truly makes the City of Light spectacular, memorable.


“That’s Paris” is a gathering of stories and voices. So pick up a copy, and join us for this celebration of Paris!


What does Paris mean to you? Tell me in the comments! And, again, be sure to check out THAT’S PARIS on February 2nd, 2015 or join in the Twitter chat about THAT’S PARIS on 2/17/15 @ 4pmEST! We’ll be using the hashtag #thatsparis.

Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

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