Book Talk With R & T: Celebrating Adria Cimino & her books!

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If you know Adria Cimino, you know how good of a person she is. Having had the chance to make her acquaintance via the internet over a year ago- I have always been impressed with how Adria presents herself on social media. She’s an author and while, yes, she does promote her books- she also takes time to build and foster connections with the people behind the blogs- and I think we all appreciate that!

When Rhiannon and I were discussing what book to read next, Adria’s name came up and it seemed the natural conclusion as both of us have had a chance to get to know her and have admired her style!

So, with that being said- on today, the last day of Book Talk With R & T- and because our giveaway focuses on all of Adria’s books- not just CLOSE TO DESTINY- I would like to provide some links to posts from the past about Adria as well as this week’s links and reviews!


Paris Rue des Martyrs FB

Photo Credit: Goodreads


Interview with Adria Cimino, author of Paris, Rue des Martyrs

Author Spotlight: Adria Cimino

Cover Reveal: Paris, Rue des Martyrs


THAT’S PARIS: An Anthology of Life, Love, and Sarcasm

That's Paris cover

Photo Credit: Velvet Morning Press



Cover Reveal & Excerpt: That’s Paris

Guest Post: Adria Cimino reveals the many faces of That’s Paris


Close to Destiny

Close to Destiny cover

Photo Credit: Velvet Morning Press



Book Talk with R & T: Interview with Adria Cimino

Book Talk with R & T: Close to Destiny Giveaway

Twitter Chat Recap of CLOSE TO DESTINY


Are you ready for more?!

My lovely partner in crime, the wonderful Rhiannon who makes Book Talk the most fun for me also has many links for your reading pleasure in the celebrating of Adria!

Review of Paris Rue des Martyrs

Review of That’s Paris

Review of Close to Destiny

Ivory Owl Reviews casts Close to Destiny movie


We hope you have enjoyed Book Talk with R & T this week as we focused on Adria’s latest book- CLOSE TO DESTINY. We have already started the selection process for the next Book Talk- so just keep an eye out- we’ll be announcing it in the future!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

Book Talk with R & T

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