Young Adult Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend November 10&11th

Nancy Drew- oh Nancy Drew- you were my first introduction to the mystery world and helped solidify an interest in mysteries. I remember my mom bringing me the yellow-back Nancy Drew mysteries from the library and reading them; but the Nancy Drew Case Files were my favorite. Nancy had a cool car, great fashion sense, and she just seemed to my 9 year old mind so grown up.

While I don’t read my Nancy Drew books like I used to- just seeing either a yellow backed Nancy Drew or a Case Files mystery is enough to make me grin and squeal like a little girl!

So I was beyond excited to see that Cozy Mystery Reviews was having an entire weekend of mystery talk, reviews and giveaways- I just knew my girl, Nancy Drew, would figure prominently in the weekend- and boy; they did not disappoint.

Here’s a round-up of things you may have missed from YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend:

Introducing YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend

Nancy Drew Memories

YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend Giveaway Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Kindle title giveaway

Nancy Drew- from Then to Now

The Secret of the Old Clock- a review

Nancy Drew Kindle/Nook Case giveaway


Literary Friday ya’ll….

Today is Friday- #literayfriday and I’m so glad 🙂

Tomorrow I’ll be shopping at Mistletoe Marketplace and painting later that night- creativity is good for the soul.

But today, today it’s all about #literayfriday- some good stuff, some #giveaways, some news, even some early announcements about Black Friday shopping for readers 🙂

1. Deep South Magazine and their weekly #literaryfriday: Brad Pitt and New Orleans, National Novel Writing Month, Jesmyn Ward’s Salvage the Bones made another reading list besides Deep South Mag’s Summer Reading List, book festivals and much, much more.

Also a #giveaway- a sweet Cafe Du Monde giveaway! Meanwhile, Back at Cafe Du Monde: Life stories about Food will be given away November 16.

2. Cozy Mystery Reviews is celebrating Young Adult Vintage Mysteries Weekend. Check back often for reviews, giveaways and more.

3. For Black Friday shoppers and readers, Kimberly Brock’s book, The River Witch, will be on sale Black Friday for Kindle. Trust me there will be no better way to unwind after eating too much turkey, doing too much shopping, and enjoying some pumpkin pie than reading The River Witch. And if you are enjoying some pumpkin pie- you may start to feel a kinship to Damacus- but to understand that- you have to read the book! Got a reader in your life, but doon’t want to give the book early- want to save it for Christmas day? That’s fine! Buy it on Black Friday at the low price and send it as a gift- you can then choose the delivery day you want! Easy-peasy!

4. #fridayreads- mine is Nightshade on Elm Street by Kate Collins. What are you reading for #fridayreads?

5. Finished Jenn McKinlay’s Books Can be Deceiving– while I did not enjoy it quite as much as I enjoy her Cupcake cozy books- I did think it was good. Totally worth a read.

6. It’s getting closer to Christmas picture time- because I absolutely adore pictures- this year I’m beginning to work on some Christmas ideas to make our pictures a bit more special. Cricut, a glass of wine and pinterest- let the creativity flow!

Have a happy #literaryfriday- and if you read some great books- please come back and share!