Young Adult Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend November 10&11th

Nancy Drew- oh Nancy Drew- you were my first introduction to the mystery world and helped solidify an interest in mysteries. I remember my mom bringing me the yellow-back Nancy Drew mysteries from the library and reading them; but the Nancy Drew Case Files were my favorite. Nancy had a cool car, great fashion sense, and she just seemed to my 9 year old mind so grown up.

While I don’t read my Nancy Drew books like I used to- just seeing either a yellow backed Nancy Drew or a Case Files mystery is enough to make me grin and squeal like a little girl!

So I was beyond excited to see that Cozy Mystery Reviews was having an entire weekend of mystery talk, reviews and giveaways- I just knew my girl, Nancy Drew, would figure prominently in the weekend- and boy; they did not disappoint.

Here’s a round-up of things you may have missed from YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend:

Introducing YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend

Nancy Drew Memories

YA Vintage Cozy Mystery Weekend Giveaway Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys Kindle title giveaway

Nancy Drew- from Then to Now

The Secret of the Old Clock- a review

Nancy Drew Kindle/Nook Case giveaway


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