Literary Friday ya’ll…..

literary friday

Hey ya’ll! Today is a gorgeous sunshine filled day. Miss A (aka the cutest niece ever) is coming to spend the night and I have been scheduling blog posts and finding books to read all week!

It’s time for my feet (with the coral-polished nails) to be put up on the ottoman and to grab a cool drink and let the weekend wash over me….. beginning now!


1. Deep South Magazine and their #literaryfriday: News about MS Book Festival (C-SPAN was there broadcasting live, folks!), a new festival is Milton, Georgia and much more….


2. Lots of giveaways happening at Traveling With T: SEASON OF SALT AND HONEY by Hannah Tunnicliffe, MY VERY BEST FRIEND by Cathy Lamb, and THE MIDDLE OF SOMEWHERE by Sonja Yoerg. All, except for the SEASON SALT AND HONEY are US only. SSH is US/Canada only. Continue reading

Meeting Tiffany Quay Tyson, author of THREE RIVERS

Tiffany and Traveling With T

Tiffany and Me (aka Traveling With T)

Ya’ll know how much I LOVE book signings (hence the smile on my face in the above picture!!!)

Tiffany Quay Tyson recently stopped by TurnRow Books in Greenwood, MS. Sitting at the signing, I watched the crowd as she read the excerpt on the baptism of Bobby- one of the characters in THREE RIVERS. I spied 13 people, sitting in their seats, paying close attention as Tiffany read. After the section on Bobby’s baptism- Tiffany explained further about the characters of the book. She then chose to read the section on how Obi and Liam begin to live on the land. The crowd was silent, fully focused on Tiffany. She was drawing us further into the story of THREE RIVERS with each word she read. When she finished, there was brief moment- almost as if the crowd was coming out from under the spell- then applause! Continue reading