Happy Birthday Traveling With T!


Happy 3rd bday traveling with t

Ya’ll! Yesterday, Traveling With T turned 3! Wondering where all the fan-fare was yesterday? Well, the internet had the nerve to go out before I could get the post finished!!! (Grrrrrrr………) But fear not- I am a gal who likes to celebrate multiple times! So, yesterday, I enjoyed a yummy Krispy Kreme doughnut (so good!) and homemade pizza (mmmm.. sausage and red bell pepper!) and cursed the internet multiple times. Continue reading

Seeing Karen White, author of A Long Time Gone, at TurnRow Books

Yesterday, I went to one of the local indies near me to see the ever so charming Karen White read from her newest book, A Long Time Gone. Having had the pleasure of seeing Karen at Lemuria Books 2 years ago, I knew I was in for a treat- but when her cousins came in to TurnRow, all bubbling over with excitement at seeing Karen- that made me smile even more. Family is so important- and you could tell that Karen and her family dearly love one another! Continue reading

List-style Thursday

A round-up of different things on blogs or upcoming events that I have been meaning to post about:

1. The Making of a Writer by B.A Shapiro

2.A Life-Long Love Affair With Books by Karen White

3. Tell Me Something True: A Visit With Lisa O’Donnell

4. Literary First Love by B.A. Shapiro

5. Have You Ever Stood at the Barre?

All the above post can be found at She Reads

To prepare for #literaryfriday, don’t forget that Deep South Mag will be hosting a Twitter chat Friday, Jan 18 2-3 pm EST. Deep South Mag has posted an interview with Attica Locke- but please join in the chat if at all possible. Use hashtag #southernlit to join in.


Karen White- Lemuria Books Friday July 13, 2012

Hmm…. Don’t read too much into the Friday the 13th and Karen White. There was nothing scary about meeting her!

Karen White stopped by Lemuria Books to sign and read from her latest book, Sea Change. But as 2 ladies (Terri and Stacy) found out, Karen was gracious enough to sign all the books they had to have signed. Karen White  appreciates fans!

It was a nice book signing, a small group of ladies eager to meet Karen and hear tidbits about past books and upcoming books. One man even stopped by for a minute to get a book signed for his significant other- now that’s love!
Karen White also had family stop by to support her- which was lovely. We heard stories of inspiration from characters in her books- it seems some family members play a role in the inspiration of characters, which made for a nice little chat about where writers draw inspiration.

Other tidbits that Karen told us: Sea Change debuted at #12 on the New York Times (NYT) list. Her first book to make the NYT was Beach Trees. Another interesting tidbit about Karen’s writing- Sea Change is the first book where the main character has brothers, the other books are either only children or sisters.

When asked if there was any interest in her books to be made to movies, Karen told the group “the odds of getting a book made into a movie are very slim, but there has been interest.” Another audience member asked Karen “Where does she get ideas?” Karen’s response- ” always has a stewpot going on in back of her head (even though she’s not a cook!) and that the best ideas come when she’s not thinking of the book.” Karen also informed the audience that she likes to write about “multi-generational family stories- a grandma or a grandmother figure, a mom, and daughter.” Another question was asked as why did she like to write about the coast- her reply was ” she likes to write about storms, not just physical storms, though; sometimes internal storms.” Karen says when writing she “always starts with the main character and her conflict and the rest comes together” (when she said this, she reminded me of Susan Gregg Gilmore- she said something in a similar vein at the Booktopia event about her writing- I wonder if that is a trait of Southern writers?)

Good news if you are a Karen White fan- After the Rain (sequel to Falling Home) will be released in the next few months. Also, Karen’s first hardcover book will be released in June 2013.

Check back later for reviews of Sea Change and Falling Home– the 2 books I purchased and had signed by Karen White.


Karen White and me


Karen White signing books for a fan


Karen White answering questions from the audience



Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday is HERE! A round of all things literary happening for Friday:

1. Karen White will be signing and reading at Lemuria Books today. I will be there. I hear Sea Change is supposed to be great. I’ll be live-tweeting from the book signing using #karenwhite.

2. Deep South Magazine teased us avid readers earlier in the week with a picture of books (most notably Mary Kay Andrews newest book- Spring Fever!) Perhaps that book will be given away to a lucky person today! Deep South Summer Reading List

3. Chick Lit Central is giving away a copy of Stacey Ballis Off the Menu– for the links and how to enter, see previous blog post or Google Chick Lit Central.

4. Judy Blume is on Twitter and since I’m a #booknerd that makes me happy!

5. I’m 6 or  so chapters in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice– enjoying it.

6. Melinda Mcquire (@melindamcquire) has an interesting idea for writers, photographers, etc of Southern ways. If you are interested in hearing more about her idea- follow her or use the hashtag #STHRN to get more info.

7. Mia March, Mia March- I may have to add you to my list of writers who are using social media to their advantage- thanks for the follow!

Since it’s been raining all week- it’s been a great week to cozy up with books. Also, I’d missed the 2 previous weeks of Drop Dead Diva- watched the first episode yesterday that I missed- Owen and Jane- engaged- so cute!

Happy Reading!