#AMonthofFaves 2019: A Day (or Weekend) in the life of T…

Today’s prompt for #AMonthofFaves is: A Day (or weekend) in the life. Be sure and check out Girlxoxo’s post and check out my post from last year on this topic as well!


Today’s prompt:MON. Dec. 9 – A Day (or Weekend) in the Life. Let’s take a peek into each others lives as as we chronicle what we did on a typical (or not-so-typical) day or weekend … or week.


Because I can’t quite follow the rules of just a day or weekend- I’m going to mention a few different days last week. 😉

Before 2019 began, I would have said that I had a routine pretty much every day- get up, put some laundry on, make breakfast, do some light cleaning, go to work, do some blogging and then read/watch TV at night with 1-3 cats near me.

But, there have been a lot of days in 2019 that have deviated from that routine- some because my mom’s doctor appointments, some because I worked the election polls, some because I was on bookish trips or spending days with my nieces.


Here are a few days last week that deviated from the above mentioned “normal” routine….


Wednesday, December 4th:

Mom’s 6 month checkup in Memphis was good and as an added bonus- I also got to see this gorgeous poinsettia tree that I wanted to take home!


We also made a stop at the outlet mall in Southaven and tried to eat at Cracker Barrel, but no white gravy for my mom’s meal so we headed back closer to home to eat at Jake and Rip’s.


Friday, December 6th:

Me and my mom took some time to start Christmas shopping and then treated ourselves to a fave meal at Half Shell Oyster House (Fried green tomatoes and crab cakes- in case you are curious!)


Sunday, December 8th:

THE CHRISTMAS TREE was put up and decorated.



*Did 2019 find you deviating from your “normal” routine a lot?*


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

8 thoughts on “#AMonthofFaves 2019: A Day (or Weekend) in the life of T…

  1. Whaaaaaat??? No white gravy???? WTF Cracker Barrel????

    Glad your mom’s check up went well!!

    Pretty tree and I see the kitty-safe ornaments are at the bottom. (Cute kitty btw).

    • It was def a “get your sh*t together, Cracker Barrel” moment!!!!! Thank you about my mom- she’s doing really good! And thanks about the tree and the cat- I tried to hang some ornaments at the bottom- but none with glitter, etc because she’s such a nosy rosy cat!

  2. natashajk says:

    I love that poinsettia tree!!! And yes, 2019 had it’s fair share of “not normal” days as I lost my job at the end of August. However, I started a new one yesterday (which will be a lot of “can you work today?!?!” work) and so my “normal” is changing. Yikes!

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