A Month of Faves 2018: The Blogger Love Edition


Today’s post #3 of A Month of Faves- how are you doing?  Get ready to add some new bloggers to your list of blogs to follow!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂  Can’t wait to see what blogs Girlxoxo and Estella’s Revenge posted about!


A Month of Faves: 

FRI. Dec 7 – #AMonthofFaves [The Blogger Love Edition] – Recommend some bloggers and for us to check out and tell us what you like about each blog, e.g. bookish, food, fashion, travel, lifestyle, money, mom blogs, productivity etc.


I follow a lot of blogs. I interact with a lot of social media accounts. I heart eyes me for days some Instagram (and the people behind the content!) Many of the bloggers that I “know” in Internet world, I’ve been able to meet in real life (thanks Book Expo!) I’m going to list some blogs that I’ve been following and loving and later on list some Instagram accounts that I like (they may or may not have an actual blog- but they are churning out some great content!)



Always With A Book– one of my favorite blogs from back when I was stating out.

Ivory Owl Reviews– while she blogs less now, we stay close through email, text and Instagram 🙂 If you like a feminist read, she’s your gal.

Doing Dewey– she’s 99% non-fiction 🙂 I always feel smarter after perusing her site.

Suzy Approved– love her enthusiasm about books.

Jenn Tarheel Reader: A dear friend who has supported me in my blogging for years and in the last few months decided to start her own blog. She’s taking blog world by storm 🙂

ReecasPieces– a blogger from my home state who is always up for a literary good time!

Silver’s Reviews: She gets some great book mail!

Orange County Readers: I started following her a few months ago. Really enjoy her take on things.


Newer to me blogs:

When I went to NYC this last May, I met some fascinating bloggers!

Good Book Fairy– love her reviews!

Jen at WellReadTraveler– she’s got such ENTHUSIASM for books!

Courtney at Bliss Beauty and Beyond– I’ve known Courtney from social media for several years, but we finally got to meet and she’s ADORABLE.


Instagram accounts I love:

Thoughts From A Page

Beauty and the Book

The Green Eyed Reader

The Southern Girl Reads

Really Into This



*This is just a sampling of blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. I would LOVE to mention each and every person that I REALLY like, but we could be here FOREVER if I did that!*


Link up here:


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T

20 thoughts on “A Month of Faves 2018: The Blogger Love Edition

  1. Susan says:

    Other book bloggers that I really like are SarahsBookshelves, Novel Visits, Modern Mrs. Darcy to names a few. MyBizzyKitchen is one of my favorite food bloggers, Taking The Long Way Home one of my favorite running blogs, Wardrobe Oxygen, and Already Pretty both of these are about fashion and so much more. Myjourneytofit got me started reading blogs.

  2. Monika @ Lovely Bookshelf says:

    I’m excited about today’s prompt because I’m still looking for active book bloggers to follow now that I’m off hiatus/slump. Some of these are new to me, going to check them out now!

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