Tuesday Mashup


The Tuesday Mashup is here- and whoo- does it have some stuff! Crafty, bloggy and giveaways!

Tally-ho and onward to Tuesday Mashup!



1. Always With A Book is giving away BIG GIRL PANTIES by Stephanie Evanovich (ends TODAY! So get over there quickly!)

2. Books in the Burbs is giving away THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Meyers (ends Feb 14th)

3. Utah Mom’s Life is giving away GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN by Marci Jefferson (ends Feb 7th).

4. Femmes Fatales is giving away a copy of MURDER WITH GANACHE by Lucy Burdette as well!

5. And, lastly, H2O Bungalow (and some of her bloggy folks) are giving away a $500 Visa Gift Card! What could you buy with $500? Man, I’m getting all dreamy-eyed thinking about what I would use it for! Go visit the link, and feel the “Week of Love” they are sharing with you! Good luck! (ends Feb 8th- so HURRY!)  Continue reading

“Friending” Authors on Facebook- cool? Or not?

Friending authors

First, I must say that authors are my rock stars. I love reading their work and when I actually get to meet them, well, hello cloud nine!

But…. I want to talk today about “friending” authors on Facebook- and why or why not it may not be so cool. In today’s time, an author has to have SUCH a social media presence- a Facebook Author page, Twitter page, website, Pinterest page, G+ and more. Not all authors create all those pages- but most will definitely have either the Facebook Author page or the Twitter page. On Twitter, it’s so easy- you just start following the author and bam! You know what the author is thinking, what they like to retweet and more!  Continue reading