Tuesday Mashup


The Tuesday Mashup is here- and whoo- does it have some stuff! Crafty, bloggy and giveaways!

Tally-ho and onward to Tuesday Mashup!



1. Always With A Book is giving away BIG GIRL PANTIES by Stephanie Evanovich (ends TODAY! So get over there quickly!)

2. Books in the Burbs is giving away THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Meyers (ends Feb 14th)

3. Utah Mom’s Life is giving away GIRL ON THE GOLDEN COIN by Marci Jefferson (ends Feb 7th).

4. Femmes Fatales is giving away a copy of MURDER WITH GANACHE by Lucy Burdette as well!

5. And, lastly, H2O Bungalow (and some of her bloggy folks) are giving away a $500 Visa Gift Card! What could you buy with $500? Man, I’m getting all dreamy-eyed thinking about what I would use it for! Go visit the link, and feel the “Week of Love” they are sharing with you! Good luck! (ends Feb 8th- so HURRY!) 



1. H2O Bungalow has a crafty project for you- a Valentine Banner with free template!

2.  Free “Sugar Rush for my Valentine” printable from The Crafting Chicks!

3. The Grant Life has a free printable- Valentine, We’ve Grown to be such Good Friends (so instead of candy, candy, candy- you can give seed packets and let kids see the fun of growing something they planted!)



1. This is the last week that Love at First Book will be having her weekly linky love party- and I was so bummed. Till I got an email from The Steadfast Reader– she’s picking up the feature- so yay!

2. Traveling With T got a little personal yesterday with: Why I Love (and Dislike) Valentine’s Day. Chime in with your thoughts!

3. “Friending Authors-cool or not?” was a topic of discussion on Traveling With T last week. Would love to hear your thoughts!

4. Looking for a good mystery? I highly suggest AFTER I’M GONE by Laura Lippman- it’ll be in stores Feb 11th!


Hope you found a giveaway or a crafty or bloggy link that makes you happy! If you did, I’d love to hear what it was!


Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

T @ Traveling With T


T Traveling With T pic sign off

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