Announcing December Book Lovers Unite selection: The Lake House by Marci Nault

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Yes folks it’s time to announce the #bookloversunite selection for December- and I’m pleased to report that it will be:


The Lake House by Marci Nault!


Join in the fun as we read along and discuss Marci Nault’s debut novel. Who knows- Marci might pop in to chime in on the discussion 😉


The reading schedule will be posted ASAP- but if you are interested in reading the book- go buy, borrow from the library or steal (no- don’t really steal!)


A couple of notes:

1. December is going to be busy- I KNOW this. Between holidays, decorating, making memories with family and more- December is going to be BUSY. However, you readers of Traveling With T, need some time to relax- and there is not much better than relaxing with a book! Hope to see you around!


2. To add to the BUSY-ness of the first reason- I will also have some personal things happening in December. My niece, Little Baby Owl (seriously, that’s not her name- but for the internets it’s her name) will be arriving (hopefully the 2nd week of December). What does this mean for you? Not too much- as the bloggy-blog will keep on running even while I’m giving hugs and kisses to Little Baby Owl- however, my reply time might be a little slow. Fear not- I will answer- I’m just alerting to not send out a rescue party for T if you haven’t heard from me in a day or 2.


3. I NEVER do this- but if anyone has suggestions for January’s read- send them on! Just comment on this post!


4. Please tell your book loving friends to join in- the discussion is super-fun!



Reconstructing Amelia- Week 1 Questions/Thoughts

recon amelia

It’s here! It’s here! The day we thought would never arrive! Throwing confetti in the air, pouring glasses of champagne kind of day- Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club begins!

Reminder: We’ll only be discussing the assigned reading for the week- and this post (Week 1) is the place to discuss. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

I began reading last night on the Kindle- and I’m enjoying so far!

Questions and Thoughts:

1. From the first page- I’m getting the feeling that RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA has a Gossip Girl/The Skulls/possibly a Mean Girls feel- is anyone else picking up on those movie/TV shows feelings?

2. Let’s talk about first thoughts of this cover: It’s dramatic. It’s interesting. It’s fitting for the book (at least my first impressions). Sometimes a cover does not match up with the book- did the cover art folks for Reconstructing Amelia nail it or not? (It’s ok if you change your mind later on- we’re going on first impressions here!)

3. The title- Reconstructing Amelia- a simple, yet poignant title. Reconstructing means to put something back together in the simplest terms- so the title is telling. However, is there a possibility that there is going to be more to this title?

4. We’ll discuss this as the month goes on; but what are your thoughts on teenagers, social media, and their parents? Is the teenagers just having normal “teenage rebellion”? Or is social media adding an extra layer to the normal “teenage rebellion” and making interactions between teenagers and parents harder?

5. What do you think of how the school environment is portrayed? Is this an accurate look? Or is this more of an East Coast prep school type portrayal that we see in books and movies? Is it a stereotype or is it accurate?

I can’t wait to see everyone’s thoughts and opinions!

Reconstructing Amelia (Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club June 2013 pick)


It’s May 24- which means we are 1 WEEK away from the beginning of Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club- in case you did not know, this is a club that I’ve been wanting to begin for some time. Having my own online book club has been a dream for some time- and it’s happening! Book-Alicious Mama is going to co-host (so thankful for having a co-host who’s passionate about reading!)


Ok- here are some guidelines for this month:

1. Read ahead, read along, come in late, whatever- BUT each Friday questions and thoughts for the weeks reading will be posted on Traveling With T. Please only comment about that weeks reading in that post (don’t “spoil” for the readers who are actually reading along (and for anyone who might join later!)

2. You may have seen #bookloversunite being used- as of now, we will not be having a Twitter chat or discussing Reconstructing Amelia on Twitter (at least not a scheduled discussion!) You may wonder why- and this is it: With Twitter we have character length to worry about- and I’d like for us to have a deeper discussion if at all possible.

How will the hashtag #bookloversunite be used? I’m so glad you asked! I’ve made a Pinterest board to post pictures of Reconstructing Amelia (and future Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club choices!) So help a girl out: If you are reading Reconstructing Amelia, take a pic of the book with your coffee, on your bedside table, with your pet posing with the book- whatever (obviously no obscene pictures, though). When you post them to Twitter, use #bookloversunite and you may see that pic on Pinterest!

When each Friday’s questions/thoughts are posted- I’ll post on Twitter and use #bookloversunite.

I’m working on some more surprises- and if/as things happen, you’ll be sure to know!

3. It was asked if we’d have blog buttons to post on each person participating blog- WE WILL. Where are they? I have someone creating them- and as soon as they are finished- then they will be posted. Feel free to “take” them- but please do not use them for your own personal projects.

4. Most importantly- this is to be fun! So, get your book (buy or borrow), and join in on reading Reconstructing Amelia!

Here are some links of previous news regarding Reconstructing Amelia:

Reading Schedule for Reconstructing Amelia

Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club


Reading Schedule for RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA (Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club)

Hey everyone-

We’re getting closer to June- to when my blog, Traveling With T and Jen S (go check out her new blog Book-alicious Mama) will be reading RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA. We both are beyond excited!

Here’s the link to the previous post explaining the rules, the details, etc- Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club

Reading schedule for Reconstructing Amelia:

First, I know some of us have the “real” books- but I know there are several of us that have either bought or are not so patiently waiting for the library copy to loan an e-copy. So the breakdown of the reading schedule reflects both styles.

Week1 (beginning on MAY 31) read: pages 1-95 (for e-readers the title of last chapter will be Facebook Sept 30)

Week 2 (JUNE 7) read: pages 96-202 (for e-readers the title of first chapter will be Amelia Sept 30/ last Amelia Oct 14)

Week 3 (JUNE 14) read: pages 203-292 (for e-readers the tile of first chapter will be Amelia Oct 18/last Amelia Oct 22)

Week 4 (JUNE 21) read: pages 293-380 (for e-readers the title of first chapter will be gracefully Oct 24th/end of book)

Basically it’s a 100 pages a week (slightly less).

So what fabulous thing do I have planned for June 28th? Well- it’s still early planning on that- but I know for sure that day will be dedicated to overall thoughts, likes/dislikes and more. There very well could be some more surprises planned- so I’d def keep my eyes and ears open!


So just a few more things: if you love doing the Twitter thing- and you’re reading Reconstructing Amelia with us- do a favor and tweet something like: Reading RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA w/ T and Jen S #onlinebookclub #bookloversunite. And, I’ve got something planned for our hashtag #bookloversunite so you’ll want to keep an eye on that! Facebook more your speed? Share it on Facebook!


Happy Reading!