1 day till RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club begins!

It seems like it was forever ago that this idea began, that people started expressing interest, that I finally got the lead out and decided to do this! But, here we are- 1 day away from the discussion beginning!

Thanks to all my Twitter friends, Jen S,  and everyone else who just saw this and decided to say they wanted to join- this is going to be a fun discussion!

Just 1 quick little note: I’ll be posting the questions and thoughts every Friday- but that does not mean that Friday is the only day of discussion! Think of Book Lovers Unite like a cocktail party- you come in, grab your drink, begin chatting with people. Then perhaps you need to take a break and go catch a breath of fresh air- just come back to discuss when you can!

Here is a link from a previous post- think of it like a FAQ/Guideline thing that you should look over!

One last thing: Just before this starts, let’s just be sure to be respectful of each other. I don’t expect a problem (because we’re adults who like to read and discuss books- and we understand that each person has their own opinion!)

See ya’ll tomorrow- I can’t wait!

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