Happy Birthday Traveling With T!

happy 4 year blog birthday traveling with t

My blog turned 4 years old yesterday. I’m a day late with the announcement- but better later than never, right?

Turning 4 in the bloggy world is an experience. I’m old enough to be a bit on the seasoned side and yet not quite old enough to talk about the good ole days in blogging like some that I follow.

2015 brought Traveling With T:

  • A custom domain
  • Over 1000 likes on Traveling With T’s Facebook page
  • Getting mentioned in a book
  • Some Great Books
  • Tons of Giveaways
  • Blog friendships that go beyond the blog

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Meeting M.O. Walsh author of My Sunshine Away

It’s the book that everyone is talking about. Book bloggers are already talking about how THIS book will be on their end of year best lists (and it’s only February!) It’s a book that has built a buzz with many curious when this author would enter the world of Twitter (He has now!)

What is this book?

This book is……… (drumroll, please) Continue reading

My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

My Sunshine Away

Photo Credit: Putnam Books


This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

My Sunshine Away

On a normal street in Baton Rouge, an area that nice families lived in and did normal things- cook outs, walking dogs, kids playing with each other.

But, walking around in that normal, every day setting is someone who wants to hurt. Who wants to inflict pain on someone.

One night, when Lindy- the pretty girl, the popular girl, the girl who was fearless and exciting finds out exactly how dark people can be.

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{Giveaway} My Sunshine Away by M.O. Walsh

My Sunshine Away

Photo Credit: Putnam Books


Hello folks! Have you heard of this book MY SUNSHINE AWAY by M.O. Walsh? With people like Tom Franklin and Kathryn Stockett writing blurbs for it, I hope you have!

Well, anyway, it hit the book stores/online yesterday and was the Amazon Debut Spotlight Selection for 2015- and people are talking about it. Sarah @ Sarah’s Book Shelves is calling it “fav book of 2015 so far”. BOLO Books tweeted to me yesterday “So good, right? I’m not sure how I will write a review.” And the praise just keeps piling on!

I’m reading it now. And I have around 120+ pages left. And I just want to be home to finish it! Continue reading