Death With All The Trimmings by Lucy Burdette

Death With all the trimmings

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Death With All The Trimmings

It’s Christmas time in Key West and Hayley is not feeling all “Silver Bells”! Why is our favorite little food critic got the blues? Oh, it could be this ole mean spirited elf named Ava that has Hayley down. Continue reading

Murder With Ganache by Lucy Burdette

Murder With Ganache

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Murder With Ganache

Hayley Snow, food critic, maid of honor for her BFF’s Connie upcoming wedding, cupcake maker and referee for her family’s tiffs with one another, has her hands full. Trying to juggle all that is giving Hayley fits and that is before her stepbrother, Rory, turns up missing. Rory left that night to walk Duvall Street a bit and when he never returns, Hayley is mad. Then worried. The next day, when Rory is found- unconscious and beaten- Hayley kows there is trouble. And getting to bottom of trouble happens to be her speciality.

While Rory is in the hospital, Hayley tries to find clues to help piece together the night before. When Hayley finds a dead teenage girl’s body- she gets a sinking feeling. What happened to Rory that night? And how does this girl’s body play into it?

With Haley’s family up in arms over the Rory situation- you’d think Hayley would be relieved that Connie postponed her wedding- nope, not even a bit. Because she can smell a rat and can’t decide how Connie’s father showing up for the wedding festivities might play in the postponement?

And, on the work front, Hayley’s cute boss, Wally, says he supports her and family comes first- but he keeps throwing more work at her while she’s dealing with the other fires. What gives, Wally?

All in all, what’s a girl to do? Why go to her favorite tarot reader, of course. But, when that fails, Hayley finds a new one and gets a whole new look at life. If she can live long enough to enjoy it, that is.


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Cute. Fun. Love Hayley. The recipes are yummy sounding and the setting of Key West is sublime. There is a good mystery and some sparks of romance to keep this story going. By the end of the story, readers will want to book a flight to Key West to join Hayley for some Café Con Leche and trip to see Hemingway’s cats (which Evinrude does not appreciate!)

If you like cozy mysteries, I highly recommend you discovering the world of Hayley Snow, food critic. If you already are a fan of Hayley’s- you’ll love this!

Now pass me a dessert and find Lorenzo to read my tarot cards while I impatiently await the next Key West Food Critic mystery!


*Thanks to Lucy Burdette for sending Traveling With T a copy for review. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


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Guest Post: Lucy Burdette reveals her character, Hayley Snow, 2014 resolutions

new year resolutions

Hayley Snow is a character that Lucy Burdette created. And I don’t like to play favorites- but Hayley is in my top 5 fav cozy mystery characters. Maybe it’s her food critic job, or the fact that she has been unlucky in love (and I can relate). Perhaps, it’s because she rides a scooter everywhere and I think that is so cool. But, maybe, just maybe- it’s Hayley and her love of having her tarot cards read.  Continue reading

Cozy Mystery Week: Lucy Burdette


In honor of Cozy Mystery Week, a different cozy author will be discussed. Today’s author is Lucy Burdette, author of A Key West Food Critic Mystery series.

In the Key West Food Critic series, Haley Snow is the main character. Haley is a “foodie”, believes in going by to see the tarot card reader, and is a recent transplant to the Key West area- after following a boyfriend who broke her heart shortly after her move.

In Appetite for Murder– the reader meets Haley, a young woman who is trying to become the food critic for a Key West lifestyle magazine. Too bad that her boss would be Kristen, the woman she finds her boyfriend in bed with. But Haley knows food critic jobs are few and far between- and she likes the Key West area- so she tries to make the best of a potentially bad situation by applying for the job. Then Kristen is murdered and Haley is a prime suspect! With the help of Eric (Haley’s therapist friend), her tarot cards, and sheer determination to prove that she is not the killer- Haley does manage to find the killer. But does she land the job?

Death in Four Courses lets the readers know that Haley did in fact land her dream job. To make things even dreamier, there is a food conference happening in Key West and Haley had tickets to attend with her mother- who is down for a visit. At this food conference, Haley will get to rub elbows with some “foodie” people that she’s dreamed of meeting, and hopes to have a great time and network some. When the keynote speaker, Jonah Barrows, body is found by Haley- she finds herself in hot water with the police again. However, she is not the suspect- since her friend, Eric, is. Haley’s determined to prove that Eric could not be the killer- even if it appears that there was a very good motive. Haley’s mother decides to tag along while Haley investigates, writes her food critic articles, and has flirtatious (but slightly awkward) run-ins with the cute Detective Nate Bransford. Is Haley able to help clear Eric? Read to find out!

Reading A Key West Food Critic Mystery series is like going on vacation. The description of the food, scenery, location is wonderful. Haley is a delightful character- and the chemistry between her and the Detective is simmering. Lucy Burdette makes Key West sound like a great place to visit (or live!) and the food descriptions are fantastic.

The next installment of A Key West Food Critic Mystery is Topped Chef– to be released May 7, 2013.