Guest Post: Lucy Burdette reveals her character, Hayley Snow, 2014 resolutions

new year resolutions

Hayley Snow is a character that Lucy Burdette created. And I don’t like to play favorites- but Hayley is in my top 5 fav cozy mystery characters. Maybe it’s her food critic job, or the fact that she has been unlucky in love (and I can relate). Perhaps, it’s because she rides a scooter everywhere and I think that is so cool. But, maybe, just maybe- it’s Hayley and her love of having her tarot cards read. 

Today, Lucy Burdette (aka Roberta Iselib) reveals her character, Hayley Snow, resolutions. Read on for what Hayley hopes for in 2014.

Hayley Snow- 2014 Resolutions


Hayley Snow’s New Year’s Resolutions


(Hayley Snow is the main character in Lucy Burdette’s Key West mysteries. Murder with Ganache, the fourth in the series, will be published on February 4 by NAL/Obsidian.)


I admit it. I like to make a lot of resolutions, because if I mess up a few, I’ll have some left over. So here they are, Hayley’s top nine, in no particular order:


1. Don’t. Never. Try not to eat when you’re not hungry. (Hard when you’re a food critic!)

2. Make more cupcakes from scratch. Eat one and give the rest away. (Maybe put one little one away in the freezer for tomorrow?)

3. Listen to my mother. But not too often.

4. Be patient with my stepmother. My father too.

5. Rub the cats until they purr.

6. Tell my friends I love them. Treasure my roommate, Miss Gloria.

7. Tell the truth. (Unless it’s going to hurt someone.)

8. Let a man into my heart. But only if it’s the right guy.

9. Stay out of trouble. Unless someone really needs me…


That should do it for 2014, don’t you think?



Did you like reading Hayley’s resolutions? If so, maybe you’ll want to read the new book in The Key West Food Critic mystery series (out 2/4/14)


Photo Credit: Goodreads

Photo Credit: Goodreads

In MURDER WITH GANACHE, Hayley Snow’s extended family is descending on Key West like a category 3 hurricane for her best friend’s wedding. When her stepbrother disappears into the spring break party scene, she must put the baking of cupcakes and other wedding chores on hold in order to search for her brother. The book features Hemingway cats, and cupcakes, and wedding drama–and a murder mystery of course, but in the end it’s about finding and embracing family in whatever form they come.




Thanks to Lucy Burdette for agreeing to be a part of this New Year Resolutions feature. Visit Lucy: website, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.



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