Literary Friday ya’ll…

Friday. Sad news in the world today. Terrible Tragedy. 😦


#literaryfriday news:

1. Deep South Magazine– most overlooked books of 2012 (one of my fav authors, Kimberly Brock made that list), bookish gifts, peacock ornaments (beautiful ornaments, nice looking gifts for friends or for yourself- and cheap! Less than 7 bucks!), 9 ways to live like Hemingway, and much more.

Today’s Deep South Mag #12daysofgiveaways is also posted: I’ll Be Home for Peacemas by Shannon O’Neil. Make a comment by 12pm CST to possibly win. And check back daily- Deep South Mag has a new giveaway each day.

2. Today’s the last day of the Meg Donohue giveaway for Cupcakes & Books-  get those entries in for Cupcakes & Books! Diamonds are nice, but sometimes a cupcake is a girl’s best friend.

3. #fridayreads is The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro. Interesting book so far. Like the plot. 110 pages into book- and wanting to sit down and read more.

4. Claire Cook– author of MUST LOVE DOGS and WALLFLOWER IN BLOOM is giving away 10 copies of Wallflower to a lucky book club. I signed up- you should too!

5. Today is my 1 year anniversary as a blogger- it’s been a year of challenges, ups and downs, fun times, and more. Look for a blog post later today with a more in-depth talk about my first year of blogging. Also big thanks to @MVBClub for writing a guest blog to help celebrate my first anniversary as a blogger!

Happy Reading- and hug your loved ones tonight.


Giveaways and Best Picks of 2012

With the end of the year fast approaching- it seems many people are posting their “Best Books of 2012” (I’m working on mine!) Liz and Lisa of Chick Lit is Not Dead have posted their picks- got to say many of their picks will probably make my list- They have GREAT taste! Here’s Lisa’s picks and Liz’s picks!

Deep South Magazine is still doing the #12daysofgiveaways- be sure and check daily to see what is being given away!

Meg Donohue is still giving away her How to Eat A Cupcake and Cupcakes! Come on and celebrate National Cupcake Day in style! I’m telling ya’ll National Cupcake Day is def looking like my fav holiday of the year- Cupcakes and Books? Seriously, someone pinch me. It’s like Meg Donohue just knows what makes a girl happy!

After you read Liz and Lisa’s Picks for 2012- do chime in and tell if any of their picks made your own “best of 2012” lists.