Beyond Reach by Karin Slaughter

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Traveling With T purchased this book for her own reading time.

Beyond Reach

Summary: With over seven million copies of her books sold in twenty-two countries, #1 internationally bestselling author Karin Slaughter delivers “crime fiction at its finest.” Now she returns to Grant county, Georgia where the lightning-fast plot, vivid forensic detail, and heart-stopping suspense will thrust readers into the darkest corners of their own imaginations – and push Slaughter to the top of the national bestseller lists.

Sara Linton – resident medical examiner/pediatrician in Grant County, Georgia – has plenty of hardship to deal with, including defending herself in a heartbreaking malpractice suit. So when her husband, Police chief Jeffery Tolliver, learns that his friend and coworker detective Lena Adams has been arrested for murder and needs Sara’s help, she is not sure she can handle the pressure of it all. But soon Sara an Jeffery are sitting through evidence, peeling back the layers of a mystery that grows darker by the day – until an intricate web of betrayal and vengeance begins to unravel. And suddenly the lives of Sara, Lena, and Jeffery are hanging by the slenderest of threads.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

*Spoilers possible* If you have not read the Grant County series and want to read it and not be spoiled- come back to this review after you have read all the books in the series. Proceed now at your own risk.





FINALLY I am finished with the Grant County series. Ya’ll- it’s been a rough 6 books. Karin Slaughter has written some books that made me want to scream and holler at many of the situations and yet kept me flipping pages and wanting to know what happens next- even though most of what happens next is comparable to one or more  of the levels of Dante’s Circle.

Anyway… But I wanted to finish this series before I started (but it will be a LONG while) the Will Trent series. And while I’m not sure where I picked up this tidbit- I think it was reading what a Will Trent book was about and it mentioned a widowed Sara Linton- so I knew Beyond Reach probably had a BIG twist- and it does. And after reading it- mouth opened and saying OMG- I finally figured out why I could never get really and truly into Sara and Jeffrey- I knew from an innocent comment that I just happened to see on the internet that they would not be together forever. I knew at some point that Jeffrey would pass on- and while his death was shocking- it did not shake me to the core because I never believed in Sara and Jeffrey = FOREVER.


What I Liked:

The fact that I finished the series without losing my ever loving mind. This is a rough series and Karin writes graphically about situations that you would not wish on your worst enemy. I always feel funny saying I like her books- because these are not books that give you good and happy feelings. These books explore the worst of humanity and the good guys don’t always win.


Bottom line: This book did keep me flipping pages. I wanted to know what happened next. But it’s not an easy read. Prepare to have something light and fluffy waiting for you after you finish this book.


*This book was purchased by Traveling With T for her own reading time. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.*


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Happy Reading and Bookishly Yours,

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