Literary Friday ya’ll….

Friday- oh Friday 🙂 🙂

1. Deep South Mag’s #literaryfriday is up- and this weeks edition has the following: Goodreads’ Best Books of 2012 (Congratulations to Joshily Jackson and Emily Giffin for making the list!), Holiday Crafts to make with Books, and much more.

2. In honor of the holiday season, Deep South Mag is also having 12 Days of Giveaways. Check back daily to see what is being given away, make a comment on the post, and GOOD LUCK!

3. Other giveaway news- Meg Donohue is giving away cupcakes and her book How to Eat A Cupcake-blog, tweet, facebook about the giveaway to be entered for a chance to win. And don’t forget that December 15th is National Cupcake Day!

4. Last Saturday, I met the delightful and charming Peggy Sweeney- McDonald at Lemuria Books in Jackson, MS. Chatted with her about her book (Meanwhile, Back at Cafe Du Monde) and learned several tid-bits. Look for the blog post about meeting Peggy and a review of the book (hopefully next week!) on my blog.


5. With Christmas only being a short time away- some people are in a frenzy of decorating, baking, etc. Have noticed several Christmas trees decorated to the nines and even some made entirely out of books! How fabulous- a Christmas tree made out of books? Someone pinch me! Last year, I made a Christmas tree out of my Janet Evanovich books with a Cupcake topper (because I’m a Team Cupcake girl). Now, it’s not a pretty tree (and nowhere near as elaborate as others I’ve seen pictures of) but here is mine:


6. What is your #fridayreads? Mine is 50% Off Murder by Josie Belle- a pen name Jenn McKinlay uses.

7. Cozy Mystery Week is almost over! Each day, I’ve discussed a different Cozy Author I enjoy- Joanne Fluke,Ellen Byerrum,  Cleo Coyle, Jenn McKinlay, and Lucy Burdette. Jenn’s Bookshelves has been celebrating Cozy Mystery Week all week long- check her blog out for more cozy authors. Did Cozy Mystery Week help you discover a new cozy series to read?

Happy Reading and have a great weekend!


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