Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle

The holidays are so much nicer when you have a good book to read- and that’s what Holiday Buzz by Cleo Coyle is- a good holiday book. With talk of Clare’s holiday drinks, the Village Blend all decked out for the holidays, and Secret Santa gifts; Holiday Buzz will give readers a good feeling.

Tis the Season for coffee drinks, delicious desserts and the murder of a baker’s assistant as Clare Cosi discovers Morin Fagan (known as M to her friends). Clare feels partly responsible for M’s death as she saw her leaving for a smoke break and just assumed that she had skipped out on the rest of her shift at the holiday party- instead of something terrible happening to her. The death of M is thought to be part of a serial attacker by the cocky police detective, although Clare suspects from the start that someone else was the perpetrator.

Since the lead detective is not considering other suspects, Clare decides she must help find out what happened to M. Between pulling coffee drinks, serving delicious desserts and missing Mike- Clare (with the help of Madame and Matteo) begin looking for clues- and find clues and suspects that have reason to be questioned.

With a great cast of characters, the main mystery and some subplots inter-weaved in the story- Holiday Buzz is a welcome addition to the Coffeehouse Mystery series and the perfect pick-me-up for the holiday season.

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