Cozy Mystery Week: Cleo Coyle


Cozy Mystery Week is December 1-8. Today’s featured author is Cleo Coyle  of the Coffeehouse Mysteries.

The Coffeehouse Mysteries are set in the Village Blend in NYC. The main character is Clare Cosi. Clare is a smart woman, bright and inquisitive. She has a daughter named Joy with her ex-husband and current business partner, Matteo. During the everyday happenings of the Village Blend, Clare usually finds herself in the middle of a mystery and helping the cops solve it. Because of her coffee and her nose for news, Clare has found favor with some of NYC’s finest- especially one man in particular. Her romance with Mike Quinn is the romance of storybooks- a simmering connection with a man who makes her heart melt.

Cleo Coyle has 12 books so far in the Coffeehouse Mystery series- for a fun read, talk of coffee and food, the excitement of NYC (specifically Greenwich Village) and the best coffee shop (Village Blend)- give the Coffeehouse Mysteries a try. Having just read book #12, Holiday Buzz, I can tell you that this series only gets better and I’m already awaiting #13 (Billionaire Blend-to be released in 2013).


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