The Magician’s Lie by Greer Macallister

the magician's lie

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The Magician’s Lie

“Tonight, I will escape my torturer, once and for all time. Tonight, I will kill him.”

The Amazing Arden is a famous illusionist. She has worked hard to claim her place in the world of illusionists. With a spectacular trick, the Halved Man, she equally enchants and scares audiences.

On this particular night, though, is the trick going to be more real? Will someone really die at the hands of Arden? And if so, what is the magician’s fate? Continue reading

It’s here! It’s a week of Magic: The Magician’s Lie {Book Talk With R & T}

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Ahhhhhhhhhh!  It’s here. It’s HERE! Finally! Some time ago, Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews and I were discussing the logistics for the next Book Talk With R & T (book choice, timing, etc). The list was long. There was numerous texts. The back and forth discussion alone would have made your head spin! But, there was 1 book- 1 book that we kept circling back to- and it was THE MAGICIAN’S LIE.

So, here’s the week. We have an interview, reviews, spoilers, and movie cast choices all planned. We’re focused (cue the Eye of the Tiger music). We have both enjoyed this book so much- and think know you will, too! Continue reading

{Announcement} The Magician’s Lie is the new Book Talk with R&T selection!

Did you hear The Magician's Lie is new book talk with R & T

Yes, folks it’s true. The new Book Talk with R&T will be all about The Magician’s Lie. Already drawing comparisons to WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and THE NIGHT CIRCUS, this is a book cover that has captivated my attention for months!

Today is just the announcement- the actual Book Talk with R&T will begin January 12th! Continue reading

Futuristic Friday: Here’s Your New Reads {January-March 2015}

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We’re BACK! Yes, folks Katie @ Doing Dewey and I are back and ready to scoop on the books WE are so excited to read during the next 3 months.

So grab you a nice and refreshing  drink and sit back- prepare to add to your TBR pile! Continue reading