Talking Spoilers About THE MAGICIAN’S LIE {Book Talk With R and T}

talking spoilers about the magician's lie

Well folks, it’s been a blast this week discussing THE MAGICIAN’S LIE. Special thanks to Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews for her gracious hand in the organization of this week!

What was your fave feature? Was it Ivory Owl Reviews review of THE MAGICIAN’S LIE? Or maybe the Interview with Greer Mcallister? Or the giveaway of THE MAGICIAN’S LIE?

(It was totally the giveaway, right? I can tell by the way your eyes light up at the mention of the word giveaway!)

Well whatever the reason- I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this week! We’re not quite finished, though. We’ll be talking spoilers at our respective blogs and there will be some tweeting back and forth about potential movie cast. Got an idea? Tweet @ivoryowlreviews or @rockstar1023 and use the hashtag #booktalkwithRandT and let us know who the perfect Amazing Arden is.


Let’s get spoiler-licious: (If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop here. Seriously.) Continue reading

It’s here! It’s a week of Magic: The Magician’s Lie {Book Talk With R & T}

book talk with r and t instagram post


Ahhhhhhhhhh! ┬áIt’s here. It’s HERE! Finally! Some time ago, Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews and I were discussing the logistics for the next Book Talk With R & T (book choice, timing, etc). The list was long. There was numerous texts. The back and forth discussion alone would have made your head spin! But, there was 1 book- 1 book that we kept circling back to- and it was THE MAGICIAN’S LIE.

So, here’s the week. We have an interview, reviews, spoilers, and movie cast choices all planned. We’re focused (cue the Eye of the Tiger music). We have both enjoyed this book so much- and think know you will, too! Continue reading

{Announcement} The Magician’s Lie is the new Book Talk with R&T selection!

Did you hear The Magician's Lie is new book talk with R & T

Yes, folks it’s true. The new Book Talk with R&T will be all about The Magician’s Lie. Already drawing comparisons to WATER FOR ELEPHANTS and THE NIGHT CIRCUS, this is a book cover that has captivated my attention for months!

Today is just the announcement- the actual Book Talk with R&T will begin January 12th! Continue reading