{Guest Post} Scott Wilbanks, The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster, Talks About Characters

It's a Guest Post day

Today, at Traveling With T, I have a special guest post!!!! Scott Wilbanks, author of The Lemoncholy Life Of Annie Aster, is here to talk about characters- specifically why readers have 1 character they relate to, 1 character they love and why the 2 are rarely the same!

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Spotlight, Excerpt & Giveaway: The Far End of Happy by Kathyrn Craft



the far end of happy

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Summary from Goodreads:

Twelve tense hours, three women, and the suicide standoff that turns one family’s little piece of heaven into a scene from hell

After enduring years of a struggling marriage, Ronnie Farnham has decided to divorce her husband and is beginning to hope for a happy future–until the morning Jeff is supposed to move out, when he locks himself in their barn with a rifle.

When a massive police presence arrives to control the 12-hour stand off, the women in Jeff’s life are pushed to their breaking points. Based on the author’s harrowing personal story, The Far End of Happy is a powerful novel about the way one man’s spiral towards life’s violent conclusion tests the resolve, love, and hope of the women he will leave behind.


Kathryn Craft’s latest book, THE FAR END OF HAPPY, will be in stores May 5th. While technically fiction, Kathryn is telling a story that has deep roots in fact- the story is based on her life with her husband- and how their life changed drastically and dramatically one day.

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Whiskey and Charlie by Annabel Smith

whiskey and charlie by annabel smith

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This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Whiskey and Charlie

Twin boys, Whiskey and Charlie, don’t have a secret language of their own. They do use the two-way alphabet- and as kids, they have fun together.

But, they can’t stay kids forever…….

As their ages increase- so does a distance. Charlie finds himself growing resentful of how easy Whiskey has it- he’s popular, good with girls, and just seems to have an easy charm that he’s lacking. Whiskey seems to take pleasure in being the better twin- the twin who goes out in the world and gets what he wants. Continue reading

Interview with Greer Mcallister, author of The Magician’s Lie

book talk r t


Hello! I hope you have been feeling magical this week as Book Talk with R & T has been focusing all the attention on THE MAGICIAN’S LIE by Greer Mcallister!

Remember there is a giveaway happening of THE MAGICIAN’S LIE and give my fabulous partner in all Book Talk crime- the fantastic Rhiannon @ Ivory Owl Reviews– some major love this week by checking out her review & other things she has cooked up at Ivory Owl Reviews!

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The Objects of Her Affection by Sonya Cobb

the objects of her affection by sonya cobb

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*Traveling With T received this book at BEA 2014 for review consideration.

The Objects Of Her Affection

Sophie Porter is on a hunt for a house. Not just any house. But the PERFECT house. The house that will give her and her family the stability she longed for as a child. The house that will be in their lives forever. A house with character.

Sophie finds the house- it’s an old house- it needs work. But it speaks to Sophie. It makes Sophie think of all the things she longed for as a child. It’s the house she wants her children to grow up in, the house that she always imagines being a part of the Porter family- their daily life and their memories. Sophie’s husband, Brian, does not have the same feelings- but since Sophie is more in charge of their finances- he lets her take the lead. Continue reading

We’ll Always Have Paris by Jennifer Coburn

we'll always have paris

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This book was sent to Traveling With T in exchange for a honest review.

We’ll Always Have Paris

Jennifer Coburn is not dying. Or maybe she is. Because, logically speaking, each day we live, we get one day closer to dying (morbid thought, yes?) But Jennifer has 1 mission- she wants to take her daughter Katie on a trip to Paris- so that when the day comes, whether it be near or far- Jennifer can say to Katie in her last dying breaths “We’ll always have Paris.”

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We’ll Always Paris- Favorite Memories from Jen and Katie (plus a giveaway!)

we'll always have paris

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Today, today, today is the debut of WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS by Jennifer Coburn. Back in 2013, Jennifer emailed me about the possibility of reading WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS and between the title, the cover and just the premise- I was sold. Look for my review to post this week, but for today, this is Jen’s show! Jennifer wrote a wonderful guest post from hers and Katie’s point of view about their favorite memories (and included some aww-inducing pictures!)

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We’ll Always Have Paris…Pre-order news!

we'll always have paris

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Back in January (or maybe it was December?) Jennifer Coburn contacted Traveling With T about a possibility of a book review for her mother/daughter memoir WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS (in stores April 8th). The cover drew me in, beckoned to me and said “T, come on, you know you want to read me!” But today’s post is not about the review (which will be coming the week of April 8th!) Or is it even about the guest post that Jennifer will be doing for Traveling With T (again, look for that the week of April 8th!) Today is about what pre-ordering a copy of WE’LL ALWAYS HAVE PARIS and what will happen when you do! Continue reading

What A Mother Knows by Leslie Lehr

what a mother knows

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Imagine being the only survivor of a fatal car crash? Imagine suffering incredible pain, then being in a coma for months, to wake up and have to go through months of physical therapy? To not have a memory of how you ended up in the hospital? And to feel like people are keeping secrets from you? This is Michelle Mason’s life.

Michelle knows that a person died in the car crash. What she doesn’t know is this: Why was the boy riding in the car with her? What caused the accident? And is it better to be alive and have these questions or to be dead?

As Michelle tries to figure out what happened that fateful night, she’s also trying to find her daughter. Because she knows her daughter is the key to helping her remember the night. Michelle does not know why her daughter left. What she is running from. Or if her leaving had anything to do with the fatal accident. She does know this: She won’t rest till she finds her daughter. Till she finds out the answers to the questions that have been plaguing her.

With a husband who may or may not be keeping secrets, friends who are unsure of how to treat Michelle now, and secrets and betrayal all around- Michelle has a long way to go before she can feel good about life.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The reader starts off knowing what happened- but the why and how are slowly revealed. Like Michelle, the reader is not sure who to trust- who has an agenda, who doesn’t. The reader is not even sure if they can trust Michelle since her memory is compromised. Interesting. Mysterious. Psychological thriller.