What A Mother Knows by Leslie Lehr

what a mother knows

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Imagine being the only survivor of a fatal car crash? Imagine suffering incredible pain, then being in a coma for months, to wake up and have to go through months of physical therapy? To not have a memory of how you ended up in the hospital? And to feel like people are keeping secrets from you? This is Michelle Mason’s life.

Michelle knows that a person died in the car crash. What she doesn’t know is this: Why was the boy riding in the car with her? What caused the accident? And is it better to be alive and have these questions or to be dead?

As Michelle tries to figure out what happened that fateful night, she’s also trying to find her daughter. Because she knows her daughter is the key to helping her remember the night. Michelle does not know why her daughter left. What she is running from. Or if her leaving had anything to do with the fatal accident. She does know this: She won’t rest till she finds her daughter. Till she finds out the answers to the questions that have been plaguing her.

With a husband who may or may not be keeping secrets, friends who are unsure of how to treat Michelle now, and secrets and betrayal all around- Michelle has a long way to go before she can feel good about life.

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The reader starts off knowing what happened- but the why and how are slowly revealed. Like Michelle, the reader is not sure who to trust- who has an agenda, who doesn’t. The reader is not even sure if they can trust Michelle since her memory is compromised. Interesting. Mysterious. Psychological thriller.

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