Since You’ve Been Gone by Anouska Knight

since you've been gone by anouska knight

Photo Credit: Harlequin Books


This book was sent to Traveling With T for review consideration.

Since You’ve Been Gone

Holly Jefferson is young, a master at baking cakes, and a widow. Her husband, Charlie, has died and she is lost and broken. Holly is trying to put on a brave face and run her business, Cake, but she’s still dealing with the heartbreak on a daily basis.

When a woman comes in the bakery with a strange cake request, Holly does not think much of this. She makes the cake, gets a bit of a chuckle about the cake and is off to make the delivery. Continue reading

Futuristic Friday: Find Your Great New Reads!

futuristic friday

Well, it’s that time again- the time where me and Katie from @ Doing Dewey reveal the books that we are chomping at the bit to read over the next 3 months! Futuristic Friday was a feature dreamed up by Traveling With T one day- and Katie, so enthusiastically, agreed to co-host this feature with me. Working with Katie has been a dream- while we have similar taste in reading (you’ll see that in the July we have some overlapping picks!), but Katie always picks some great books that I was not aware of- which I totally love! Continue reading