The Chase (Fox and O’Hare) by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

the chase by evanovich and goldberg

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Nick Fox and Kate O’Hare are back in THE CHASE!

Target: Carter Grove, former White House chief of staff with an eye for pretty things that does not belong to him (that is until he steals them).

Mission: Find the missing Chinese artifact, steal it back from Carter, and save United States and China’s relationship.

Outcome: Read the book for a fun and thrilling adventure-laced with sexual chemistry between Nick and Kate.

Nick is enjoying his role working with the FBI- he gets to hang out with Kate, show off his skills, and enjoy some perks. Kate, well, Kate is still wishing she could put Nick behind bars (that is, when she’s not hoping for him to be in her bed). But Kate, Special Agent, is mostly about business. And business is finding the artifact without China ever knowing it had been stolen. Using Carter’s ego and a nod to the “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”, Nick is able to create a plan that gets Kate and him access to Carter’s house.

But, this is a Evanovich/Goldberg book, so nothing is that simple. And it’s going to take some fancy scheming of Nick’s, some hard work of Kate’s and some extra connections to pull it off!


Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

Really enjoyed THE CHASE. Kate and Nick have incredible chemistry and are the best set of partners that I’ve read about in some time. The “flirtationship” between them is laced with chemistry, fun, and easy to enjoy- much like the earlier days of another Evanovich series.

Looking for a fun read with some action, irresistible characters and some laughs? Put THE CHASE on your list!


*This book was requested through Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are mine alone.


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The Book of Secrets by Elizabeth Joy Arnold

book of secretsThe Book of Secrets by Elizabeth Joy Arnold has many twists and turns to thrill the reader- and will appeal to fans of books about family secrets.

Chloe Sinclair has loved her husband, Nate, for years. Loved him even through their world falling apart. When she comes home one night to find Nate gone, Chloe is concerned- but mainly because he is returning to their childhood town- a place of bad memories. Chloe soon finds out that Nate is keeping secrets, though- secrets that Chloe wants to know- but is afraid to know.

Chloe’s no stranger to secrets (in fact she’s keeping one herself)- but wishes that Nate would confide in her. When she discovers a notebook inside Nate’s antique The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe– she’s unsure of what to make of the notebook. Curiously, it is written in code- but is that to keep it a secret from Chloe? Or someone else?

As Chloe delves deeper into the mystery of the missing Nate, she figures out the code for the notebook- with each clue she uncovers, she’s reminded of how she first met the Sinclair’s, the fun, the pain, the hurt- and ultimately the love she received from some of them.  Chloe struggles to understand the past, to make sense of her future- and to figure out where the secrets between her and Nate leave them.

As Chloe learns, some secrets won’t stay buried forever……

Traveling With T’s Thoughts:

The Book of Secrets is my first Elizabeth Joy Arnold- but will not be my last. The story of Chloe and Nate- the reader knew some details, some reasons their marriage why their marriage wasn’t great. With each section of the book, as more information is revealed- the reader is further captured into the story. When finally all secrets are revealed- it’s a book that that needs to have time to be thought over, to discuss with others. Interesting, enjoyable- definitely recommend!


*This book was requested through Netgalley in exchange for a fair and honest review. All above opinions are mine alone.

Honey Pie by Donna Kauffman

Honey Pie, Donna Kauffman’s latest, is an interesting read. Life changes, romance, fun, and memorable characters are a big part of this book. While this is part of a “series”, the reader does not have to read in order.

Honey loads her life, her most important things into the VW Beetle, and makes the cross-country trip from Oregon to Sugarberry, GA- where her Aunt Bea had lived a good life until her death. Honey, while nervous about leaving her life behind in Oregon, is so hungry for a new life, a life where she has friends, a life where she is involved- thinks that Sugarberry might be ok. As she’s getting into town, her car breaks down and she meets Dylan, the town’s mechanic.

While Dylan’s looking at her car, Honey spies ladies in the building that her Aunt Bea had left her- and she’s nervous about making waves with the cupcake ladies; but also wants what her Aunt Bea rightfully left her. With all those thoughts, plus the thoughts of lust that Dylan inspires in Honey- she’s unsure if she should stay in Sugarberry or hightail it back to Oregon.

Dylan, being the subject of town gossip for far too long, takes one look at Honey and knows she’s trouble. She’ll complicate his simple life in a heartbeat. So he intends to get VW Bettle back on te road as soon as possible; but his intentions and fate don’t quite align. And Dylan finds himself immersed in Honey’s life than he ever wanted to be. To Dylan’s surprise- he enjoys it- he wants to be in her life.

Honey is not your ordinary woman- she has senses about her, ways to see things that will happen. Honey considers it a curse, but finds in Sugarberry, odd and crazy are things the residents accept. Honey also learns that if she wants to have friends, love, be active in her life- she’s going to have to let her guard down and let people in. It might be scary to let people in, to let her guard down, to chance the risk of seeing something with her powers- but that a life filled with regrets and what-if’s is not the life that Honey wants.

The Icing On The Cake by Juliet Stallwood

Baking. I have, for some time, eyed the beautiful baking books- with the complex-looking creations- and have thought “I want to learn how to do this” and at the same time thought “I don’t have the time to learn this!” So when I saw The Icing On The Cake, and it spoke of easy to make things- I decided that this will be the one to look through- and perhaps I could gain confidence in the kitchen.

Looking through- the recipes appear to be easy enough for a novice; but also suitable for a kitchen goddess. The pictures were wonderful, and the descriptions were also great. My cousin was called for her opinion of the book- as she looked through- she concluded that this is baking book that people should want. It’s not complicated, it’s cute and fun- but not recipes that a person would feel overwhelmed with making. She called it “a mom w/kids baking book”- which I felt was high praise from her. And then told me that she wants this cookbook for her birthday- indeed 2 thumbs up!

I liked about the book that the ingredients were easy to find- I dislike books that have “hard to find” ingredients that are essential for the finished project. I also liked that you did not have to have fancy equipment to begin- most of the recipes I could quickly find the things I needed! White Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes- they sounded so yummy! The last chapter of the Icing was the “show off” chapter- and while I personally thought each chapter had “show off” potential- this one took the cake (pun intended!) The Butterfly Cake was such a beautiful creation that my cousin’s daughter asked if that could be her birthday cake this year!

Recommended for ladies who like to bake, gifts for a wedding shower, and for mothers who want to make beautiful creations for their children. Also recommened for those ladies who have limited baking experience.


Life After Life by Jill McCorkle

This is my first Jill McCorkle book- and I must say that I really enjoyed Jill’s way with words and the story-line she created.

The longest and most expensive journey you will ever take is the one to yourself…..

Death is a part of life. It’s not a part of life that many choose to focus on; but it is a part of life. For Joanna, the hospice volunteer at Pine Haven retirement center, death is something that quite literally helped save her life. Joanna, through choices- some good, some bad- had her experience; and it helped put some of life in perspective. While at Pine Haven, she helps the dying let go, and helps make the end of life as comfortable as possible for all involved.

Each resident at Pine Haven- Sadie, Stanley, Marge, Rachel, and Toby are at Pine Haven for various reasons. For some, death is near; for others- death will be coming, but there’s still time- time to make amends, time to right wrongs, time to make sure their family is in a good place. Sadly, there is time for regret for all the residents- regrets of what could have been or the way they should have lived.

Each resident has a story- and some of the stories overlap with Pine Haven’s workers and visitor- Joanna, CJ, and Abby. Jill McCorkle weaves all the stories, intertwines them in ways that at first the reader might not see how it connects- but when they do- it’s moments of greatness.

When I finished reading last night, I felt a mixture of emotions- happiness and sadness, mainly. I enjoyed how the story ended, for the most part, and I thought parts of the last few chapters were very fitting for the characters. Is it a perfect ending? Not exactly- there are some things I wished that were different; but it’s a good ending. Strongly suggest this as a book-club book or with a book-loving friend who will want to discuss- because there is plenty about this book that could (and will!) lead to a great discussion.