The Icing On The Cake by Juliet Stallwood

Baking. I have, for some time, eyed the beautiful baking books- with the complex-looking creations- and have thought “I want to learn how to do this” and at the same time thought “I don’t have the time to learn this!” So when I saw The Icing On The Cake, and it spoke of easy to make things- I decided that this will be the one to look through- and perhaps I could gain confidence in the kitchen.

Looking through- the recipes appear to be easy enough for a novice; but also suitable for a kitchen goddess. The pictures were wonderful, and the descriptions were also great. My cousin was called for her opinion of the book- as she looked through- she concluded that this is baking book that people should want. It’s not complicated, it’s cute and fun- but not recipes that a person would feel overwhelmed with making. She called it “a mom w/kids baking book”- which I felt was high praise from her. And then told me that she wants this cookbook for her birthday- indeed 2 thumbs up!

I liked about the book that the ingredients were easy to find- I dislike books that have “hard to find” ingredients that are essential for the finished project. I also liked that you did not have to have fancy equipment to begin- most of the recipes I could quickly find the things I needed! White Chocolate Swirl Cupcakes- they sounded so yummy! The last chapter of the Icing was the “show off” chapter- and while I personally thought each chapter had “show off” potential- this one took the cake (pun intended!) The Butterfly Cake was such a beautiful creation that my cousin’s daughter asked if that could be her birthday cake this year!

Recommended for ladies who like to bake, gifts for a wedding shower, and for mothers who want to make beautiful creations for their children. Also recommened for those ladies who have limited baking experience.