Honey Pie by Donna Kauffman

Honey Pie, Donna Kauffman’s latest, is an interesting read. Life changes, romance, fun, and memorable characters are a big part of this book. While this is part of a “series”, the reader does not have to read in order.

Honey loads her life, her most important things into the VW Beetle, and makes the cross-country trip from Oregon to Sugarberry, GA- where her Aunt Bea had lived a good life until her death. Honey, while nervous about leaving her life behind in Oregon, is so hungry for a new life, a life where she has friends, a life where she is involved- thinks that Sugarberry might be ok. As she’s getting into town, her car breaks down and she meets Dylan, the town’s mechanic.

While Dylan’s looking at her car, Honey spies ladies in the building that her Aunt Bea had left her- and she’s nervous about making waves with the cupcake ladies; but also wants what her Aunt Bea rightfully left her. With all those thoughts, plus the thoughts of lust that Dylan inspires in Honey- she’s unsure if she should stay in Sugarberry or hightail it back to Oregon.

Dylan, being the subject of town gossip for far too long, takes one look at Honey and knows she’s trouble. She’ll complicate his simple life in a heartbeat. So he intends to get VW Bettle back on te road as soon as possible; but his intentions and fate don’t quite align. And Dylan finds himself immersed in Honey’s life than he ever wanted to be. To Dylan’s surprise- he enjoys it- he wants to be in her life.

Honey is not your ordinary woman- she has senses about her, ways to see things that will happen. Honey considers it a curse, but finds in Sugarberry, odd and crazy are things the residents accept. Honey also learns that if she wants to have friends, love, be active in her life- she’s going to have to let her guard down and let people in. It might be scary to let people in, to let her guard down, to chance the risk of seeing something with her powers- but that a life filled with regrets and what-if’s is not the life that Honey wants.

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