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Always with a Book is giving away Sweet Expectations by Mary Ellen Taylor. This giveaway ends TOMORROW (11-22-13). I saw this book on Netgalley and REALLY wanted to request it- but my review pile is a bit… hmm, shall we say nuts?! So go win this book and tell me how it is 🙂 Psst… there is a couple of yummy recipes in this post- and I swear I gained 5 lbs just LOOKING at them!


Always With a Book is giving away Mrs.Lincoln’s Dressmaker by Jennifer Chivaerini.


Always With a Book is giving away The Supreme  Macaroni Company by Adriana Trigiani!


Escape With Dollycas Into a Good Book is giving away Murder She Barked by Krista Davis.


One of the Jungle Red Writers, Lucy Burdette, is giving away a galley of her newest Key West Food Critic mystery series- Murder With Ganache (out in stores Feb 2014- but available for pre-order!)


Traveling With T (thanks to Harlequin Books– shout out to them!) is giving away What The Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter.


Nina Badzin is giving away a book (your choice!) to honor 3 years of blogging and the lessons she learned. While the giveaway is pretty fab (a free book up to a 20 dollar value- sign me up!) the LESSONS are the best. Read them. Bookmark. Print. Share. You’ll be thankful!


It’s KILLING me to tell you about this- because in all honesty- my selfish heart wants this. No, it’s not a book. It’s my other love. CRAFTING. I like to play with my scrapbook stuff- make things. It calms me. Makes me happy. Relaxed. The Thinking Closet is giving away……. wait for it………… a Silhouette Cameo (basically a crafty person’s dream.)


Bloggy Talk


Love at First Book is talking all about a PARTY! A G+ party to be exact. I’ve been seeing mommy is coocoo on G+ from various people that were already in my circle. But I hadn’t investigated further- because it’s CRAZY here. Baby shower for my SIL last week, drinks and dinner with author Susan Gregg Gilmore (someone pinch me!) and various Twitter chats & other bloggy commitments. Plus- did I mention this is my crazy time at work? This is when work get nutsy- and I have to power through. So… I have not done due diligence as I normally do- BUT I will be checking this out- and I think you should too!


The Book Wheel has been talking about 8 POPULAR books she didn’t like or finish! Interesting- and a couple of the ones she listed surprised me- because judging from the covers, I def thought these were A’s types of books. But I LOVED reading her article and have been lurking in the comments section seeing what others are saying!


Still Unfinished is a blog that I recently became aware of- in a previous Bloggiesta chat, Bryan was quite helpful with some questions of mine- some tips and advice he provided quickly was “favorite” by me so I could refer as need be! His post on “Why He’s Not Making His Blog A Facebook Page” is interesting and provides another school of thought for blogs and social media. Def read!


And because the holidays forthcoming have me crafty feeling- I’ve been, ahem…. stalking The Thinking Closet’s blog- and I LOVE her post on DIY Painted Cork Coasters.


Traveling With T has announced the December choice for #bookloversunite- and it’s The Lake House by Marci Nault. Come join in!








Bloggers Made Of AWESOME: Lori @ Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

bloggers made of awesome

Several months ago, when I was first starting to get into participating in blog tours- I was participating in Cozy Mystery Reviews blog tours- an awesome site ran by Bella. Unfortunately, Bella had to take a step back from organizing blog tours- but happily, Lori at Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book stepped in. Lori’s tours are fun and she gets quite a many good cozy books. Plus, if there is a problem- she’s quick to handle it!

For all those and many other reasons- Lori is Made of AWESOME!


Lori at Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book: Bloggers Made of AWESOME

Lori- when did you begin blogging?

December 31, 2009. It was my New Year’s Resolution.


How did you come up with the name Escape With Dollycas?

 I started my blog on Blogger as Dollycas’s Thoughts. I loved the tropical scene backgrounds and they looked like a place I would like to escape away to and sit on the beach with a good book.  That evolved to calling myself Your Escape Into A Good Book Travel Agent.  When I moved the blog to WordPress in October 2010 I wanted and needed a new name and the same friend that suggested I start blogging said I need to use the Escape tagline I was using as the blog’s name. She was right!


What are your thoughts on blogging today in an ever-changing book-ish world? Are blogs helping other readers connect with good books?

I have made so many friends through these blogs. I look to them for recommendations and hope they are looking to me. I know I have convinced quite a few to try my favorite cozy mysteries. It is also wonderful to connect with the authors.  Growing up before the internet the authors were almost as much of mystery as their books.  They were a picture on the book jacket with their biography and sometimes there was not even that.  As the world continues to change and authors are self publishing more and more they look to bloggers to help promote their books.


When you are not blogging (or reading!)- what do you like to do?

Play with my grandkids!!! Watch Green Bay Packer or Wisconsin Badger Football or NASCAR Racing – Matt Kenseth #20 is my favorite driver!


Do you have any #literaryconfessions?

 I love mysteries, especially Cozy Mysteries but I have only read a few Agatha Christie novels. I want to read them all but just haven’t been able to squeeze them in with all my review reading.



Do you have a #literarycrush? 

 Wow, that is one I have to think about. It would probably be Sherlock Holmes.  Love the movies and have read most of the stories. Plus because of the movies the character is so easy to picture while reading.


What books are you looking forward to reading in 2014?

Catching up with all my cozy friends means many new books. Missing  You by Harlan Coben.  Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival by Jennifer Chiaverini



In your opinion, what book has been the best book you have read (so far!) in 2013?

 Pelican Bay by Jesse Giles Christiansen.  The trailer drew me in, the cover was eerie and I was not sure about it at first because it was getting mixed reviews. Then my husband read it and said “this is not like the mysteries you like to read, but I love it! You really need to read this book.” And I was so glad that I did.  I found myself totally immersed in the book. It was the best story I have read in years. My whole review is here:


You have a beach vacation planned. What are the 3 books that you must bring?

Anything by Agatha Christie, The newest Stephanie Plum to make me laugh, & the newest Harlan Coben.

But really I read at home all the time, if I were at the beach I would want to enjoy it so much that I was too tired to even read. Play all day, party in the evening, catch a little sleep and repeat until I had to go home.


Are you an e-book or tree book lover? Or does it not matter?

 I love the feel of a real book, the way it smells, there is this happy feeling as you open each new book. If I had not had a friend give me my first Kindle I don’t know if I ever would have made the leap. The only thing I like better on my Kindle is that there is none of that frustration of the words falling to deeply into the book binding. On some paperbacks you really have to bend the book because the words get too close to the crease.  On the Kindle there is no binding and no crease but sometimes there are major formatting issues.  So I guess I would say I am a tree book lover and an e-book friend.


Lori- you organize/host  a ton of blog tours as well as review books. What advice would you give to someone who was looking to start organizing blog tours?

 First of all it is fun but is so much more work than I ever imagined. So much has to happen before the first stop and then you need to make sure everyone posts on the date they were booked for. Some tours run so smoothly but then there are those that seem to have mountains of obstacles.  There will be days you love it and days you want to throw in the towel and think “what have I gotten myself into?” Thankfully there are more good days than bad. I just caution anyone thinking of doing it that there is a huge time commitment and something not to be taken lightly because the authors, bloggers and publishers are counting on you to deliver the best tour possible.


What book character would you love to be your best friend? And why?

I could never choose one. All the places we travel in the cozy world all the characters seem like friends, it would be wrong to choose just one.  But if I had to choose… maybe Sid from Leigh Perry’s new series. We all need a Sid. You have to read the book to find out why!


Hosting a dinner party and can invite 8 different characters from books- who do you invite?

Olivia Limoges – Books By The Bay – Ellery Adams

Tori Sinclair – Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries – Elizabeth Lynn Casey

Tricia Miles – Booktown Mysteries – Lorna Barrett

Isabelle “Betts” Winston – Country Cooking School Mysteries – Paige Shelton

Lila Wilkins – Novel Idea Mysteries – Lucy Arlington

Miss Marple – Miss Marple Mysteries – Agatha Christie

Jane Eyre – Jane Eyre Chronicles – Joanna Campbell Slan

Lula – Stephanie Plum Series – Janet Evanovich – She would have us laughing non-stop, well maybe not Jane and Miss Marple, but it would be a blast. 


Want to connect with Lori? Visit her blog, Facebook or Twitter!




Interview with June Shaw, author of Relative Danger (EWD 3) + giveaway


Photo Credit: EWD


Today Traveling With T is a stop on the  Relative Danger blog tour hosted by Escape With Dollycas! Please visit the other tour stops to read interviews, see guest posts and to comment for a chance to win an e-copy of Relative Danger!


Interview with June Shaw, author of Relative Danger

June, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed at Traveling With T!

Thanks for having me.

Cealie is a woman of a “certain age”. Many cozy mysteries have sleuths that are younger, so how important was it to you, June, that Cealie be older (but still have plenty of spunk)?

Very important. I envisioned her that way. Lots of us who were really young at the time loved Murder She Wrote, even though the main character was much older. Maybe we admire the wisdom of people who’ve lived a bit of life. Probably we all want to hope that when we’re older, too, we will still be able to think well and achieve more than we did during our younger years.

My series, though, has Cealie being a fun person that many readers want as a best friend or as someone in their families. They call this series a fun read.

June, do you have a writing space? A writing routine?

I have an office that’s usually cluttered with books, folders, and papers. My routine is to rise whenever, normally 7:30 or so. I grab coffee, sit at my kitchen counter and pray for those nearest me, and read my “Daily Word.” Then I get to the computer. By late morning, I run out of steam for new ideas.

The characters in Relative Danger- are they based on anyone you know in real life? Or figments of your imagination?

Cealie is a spunky widow who “thinks” she wants to avoid her hunky lover Gil Thurman so she can rediscover herself—but he opens Cajun restaurants wherever she travels, and she is so bad at avoiding tempting dishes and men.

Cealie’s personality is a blend of my squeeze Bob, who’ll say or do anything. You can see examples in the photos on my website, Also, my sister-in-law Lois will say anything on her mind. I’d like more of that trait they share and gave it to Cealie.

As for Gil, Bob is a warm loving Cajun and a terrific cook who’ll prepare almost any dish I ask for. What more could a gal want?

People I taught with swear that they’re some of the teachers in the high school where Cealie gets in as a sub to straighten things out so her granddaughter can graduate—although she makes matter much worse! (And no, I did not use any real teachers in here. Maybe some students—favorites or otherwise—this is a murder mystery after all : )

If Relative Danger was made into a movie or TV show- do you have a dream cast in mind?

Not sure who’d play those parts today, but in their heyday, Bette Middler would be Cealie and Sean Connery would become Gil.

Have we readers heard the last from Cealie? Or does she still have many adventures (and mysteries to solve)?

Cealie sure doesn’t quit after her trials in Relative Danger. She’s right back in Killer Cousins and in trouble again in Deadly Reunion. I hope you’ll enjoy following her in each of her books, and if you do, please write a review: )


*Giveaway: Win Relative Danger! Untreed Reads is donating an e-book at each stop on the Relative Danger tour! Simply comment by November 8th for a chance to win!


june sh

Photo Credit: EWD


June Shaw serves her third term as Louisiana’s representative on the board of Mystery Writers of America’s Southwest Chapter. For Romance Writers of America’s South Louisiana Chapter, she is the Published Author Liaison.

She’s written for numerous periodicals and created highly-praised novels, including this first in her cozy mystery series, which Deadly Ink nominated for Best Mystery of the Year. Connect with June- visit her website or Facebook page.

Interview with LynDee Walker, author of Buried Leads (EWD Tour 2) + Giveaway!

buried leads

Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

Today at Traveling With T, LynDee Walker, author of Buried Leads is being interviewed about her book, why Buried Leads isn’t a cozy-mystery, and favorite actress to play Nichelle!

I’m the last stop on the Buried Leads tour sponsored by Escape With Dollycas– but be sure and check out the other blogs that hosted LynDee!

Want to win an awesome swag pack? Simply comment on this post- and you are entered to win! Need more giveaway? Oh ok, twist my arm! Here is the kick-butt Rafflecopter giveaway: Cool Gift Package- Including a 25 buck gift certificate to Bookstore of Winner’s choice! (I know! Shut UP!) See below for rules of giveaway!

Interview with LynDee Walker

LynDee- thank you for stopping by Traveling With T!

Thanks so much for having me! I’m excited to be here.

Can you describe Buried Leads in 15 words or less?

Apparently not. But I got it to 16.

Sassy reporter sees scoop when dead lobbyist turns up in woods. Plus sexy guys, great shoes.

Is the main character, Nichelle, based on you, LynDee?

Sort of. Nichelle has my work ethic, and I used to be a journalist. But she’s sassier, and she can run in those amazing shoes. I tend to think of things I should have said in a situation hours or days later, and I can barely walk in stilettos.

Should readers read the first book, Front Page Fatality, before Buried Leads? Can the books stand on their own- or are they better read in order?

They definitely don’t have to be read in order. Each of my mysteries is written to be a stand-alone, but there are some storylines that arc through all the books. So readers won’t find any spoilers in BURIED LEADS that would prevent them from reading FRONT PAGE FATALITY later, but they’ll get to know Nichelle and her friends better if they read the books in order.

Is the Headlines in High Heels a typical cozy-like mystery or does it have a harder edge than most cozy books?

I think it’s definitely edgier. I would personally call my books traditional mysteries with humor and some cozy elements. There is some spicy language and a touch of romance mixed into the mystery.

When FRONT PAGE FATALITY first launched in January, I actually spent a lot of time waving my arms and going “it’s not a cozy!” But I’ve found that I don’t care so much what people call the books, as long as they’re reading and enjoying them.

If Headlines in High Heels was made into a TV series or movie- do you have ideas for dream cast?

Oh, goodness! This question is so hard for me, because the characters look like themselves to me, not like actors. But in the interest of not copping out, I’ll say I like Anne Hathaway or Natalie Portman for Nichelle. Or maybe Alexis Bledel. What I’d really like is a time machine and a 28-year-old Lauren Graham, because she’s closest to how I picture Nichelle.

I think Trevor Donovan would make an excellent Grant Parker. Joey could be played by Christian Bale, if he could hit the accent. Kerri Russell would be good as Jenna. Christina Ricci could be Shelby Taylor, and I would (selfishly, perhaps) love to see Channing Tatum or Paul Walker as Kyle Miller.

What’s next in the world of writing, LynDee? Are you working on another book?

Always! I just turned the third Headlines in High Heels novel, SMALL TOWN SPIN, over to my lovely editor. Nichelle is investigating a suspicious string of what the local cops are calling suicides in a bitty little town on the Virginia coast. It’ll be out in April 2014. Before that, there’s a Nichelle novella in the anthology HEARTACHE MOTEL, which will be on sale everywhere Dec. 10. She gets locked in Graceland at Christmas. It’s fun!

Plus, I’m working this fall on revising a women’s fiction/magical realism novel I love, that has nothing to do with Nichelle. I hope to have news about that to share soon.

And I’m sure I’ll be starting the fourth Nichelle novel somewhere in there. I have the plot worked out in my head, and I can’t wait to get into it!

lyndee walker

Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

LynDee Walker grew up in the land of stifling heat and amazing food most people call Texas, and wanted to be Lois Lane from the time she could say the words “press conference.” An award-winning journalist, she traded cops and deadlines for burp cloths and onesies when her oldest child was born. Writing the Headlines in Heels mysteries gives her the best of both worlds. Her debut novel, Front Page Fatality (A Nichelle Clarke Headlines in Heels Mystery), is an amazon new humor #1 bestseller. LynDee adores her family, her readers, and enchiladas. She often works out tricky plot points while walking off the enchiladas. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, where she is working on her next novel. You can visit her online at

Find LynDee on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

*Giveaway is open to US only (sorry!). For swag pack, comment for a chance to win. For Rafflecopter giveaway, visit the Buried Leads tour home page! Giveaway ends November 2nd.

Interview with Joanne Phillips, author of Murder at the Maples

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murder at maples

Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

Today’s interview with Joanne Phillips, author of Murder at the Maples is part of the MURDER AT THE MAPLES blog tour that is an Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book sponsored blog stop! Read about Joanne here and be sure to visit other stops on the tour for more interviews, reviews and giveaways! Read on for giveaway info!

Interview with Joanne Phillips, author of Murder at the Maples

Joanne- thank you for agreeing to be interviewed at Traveling With T!

Thanks so much for having me on your  blog for the very first stop of the tour J

“A reluctant sleuth” is part of the tag line for Murder at the Maples, which I find interesting, because most cozy mysteries I read have a sleuth who is definitely not “reluctant”. How did you decide on a “reluctant sleuth”?

This is the first in a series, and when we meet Flora Lively she has no idea she’s going to end up investigating a murder! In fact, if you told her what she’d soon be up against she’d probably run screaming – Flora has enough on her plate recovering from the loss of her parents and taking over the running of her dad’s pride and joy, Shakers Removals. The odd happenings at the Maples could easily be written off as the ravings of an old lady, and at first Flora is reluctant to see any more to it than this. Of course, once she’s got the bit between her teeth she’s absolutely determined to solve the mystery, and is no longer a reluctant sleuth. By the time book two comes along I’ll have to think of a very different tag line!

Murder at the Maples is the first book in the Flora Lively mysteries. When writing this book, did you know how it would end? Or did the ending reveal itself as you wrote?

I didn’t know how it would end when I started writing – I just had Flora’s character and the initial scene, and an idea of a sixty year old secret that would rear its ugly head. When I got to the end of the first draft I saw that the ending I’d arrived at wasn’t powerful enough and it needed a completely different ending, and that was when I had the most fun, planting clues and plotting the trail that would lead to the new climax.

Do you have a writing space? A writing routine?

I have a lovely office in my home, but I’m also really lucky to have a brand new summerhouse that we’ve just built in the garden where I can go and write. I plan to get it set up so I can write out there all year round – blankets and a heater a must! My routine is fairly flexible as I have a five year old daughter to look after too, and I work part-time as a freelance indexer for publishers, but I do write every day, or work on some book-related task like marketing or reaching out to readers.

If Murder at the Maples was made into a movie- do you have a dream cast in mind?

I think it would make a great TV series J Well, we can dream … But no, I don’t have a cast in mind. I see Flora as very petite and quite quirky-looking, physically a lot stronger than she looks, pretty but also someone who doesn’t try too hard with her looks. Marshall – one of my favorite characters – is gorgeous, a real charmer, but scruffy as they come. That said, I like for my readers to imagine characters for themselves, and I expect any TV producers would reinvent them completely anyway!  

What can readers expect next from Flora? Can you give any hints about the next book in the series?

The next book is called ‘A Date With Death’ and is due out next year. Flora’s best friend Celeste returns from her travels abroad, but when her new boyfriend dies in mysterious circumstances, Celeste is under suspicion and Flora finds her investigative skills in demand once again. I’m really excited about Book 2 because I think in the first book of a mystery series there’s a lot of setting up to do – particularly with characters who aren’t actual private detectives or police officers: you have to explain why they would even be investigating in the first place. But with the rest of the books in a series you can just dive right into the action! In ‘A Date With Death’ I’m planning an Agatha Christie-esque set up, where the reader has to try and work out who’s guilty from a narrow cast of characters all holed up in one place. Oh, and Flora goes undercover, which should be a lot of fun.

*Special thanks to Joanne Phillips for agreeing to be interviewed!

joanne phillips

Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

Joanne is hard at work on the second book in the series- A Date With Death! Look for it in 2014! Joanne can be found on Twitter and Facebook, as well!

*Giveaway: 1 Lucky winner will win a copy of Murder at the Maples by Joanne Phillips. Just comment, leave you email (you may us the AT and DOT) and GOOD LUCK! Giveaway runs from October 8- October 14th at 11:59pmEST. Winner will be notified October 15th. **NOTE: This is an e-book giveaway!

Looking for more stops on the tour? Here is the list! Want to win a $10 Amazon gift card? Visit the Rafflecopter giveaway!

Guest Post: Barbara Jean Coast, author of Strangled by Silk (+ giveaway!)

Strangled by Silk Cover 2

Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

Today, I’m a stop on the Strangled by Silk hosted by Escape With Dollycas blog tour! My stop includes fun for the readers of Traveling With T in the form of a guest post by Barbara Jean Coast to introduce you to the book, Strangled by Silk, plus a giveaway! Want to visit more tour stops? Here is the list of where the Strangled by Silk tour will be visiting!

Guest Post by Barbara Jean Coast- Introduction to Poppy Cove Mystery series!

Hi there, guys and dolls!  It’s so wonderful to be able to introduce myself to you!  As Barbara Jean Coast, I’m actually the shared pen name of co-authors Andrea Taylor and Heather Shkuratoff.  They reside in Kelowna, BC, Canada, but I exist in Santa Lucia, California (which is eerily similar to Santa Barbara).  I’ll take you on a little tour of my time and toddling little town.  So sit yourself down, pour yourself a long, cool beverage of your choice and we’ll get to know each other a little better!

The Poppy Cove Mystery Series is set in the late 50’s/early 60’s, as it was an amazing time in North American culture.  The continent was still feeling the glow of having “won the war” and with it came a booming economy and an unsurpassed radiant confidence and idealism that nothing could go wrong.  Women’s clothes were feminine and colorful, men dressed sharply in suits and hats, consumerism was at its peak of big, bright and shiny homes and cars.  But at the end of the 50’s, and start of the 60’s, there was an underlying change — cold war, McCarthyism, women questioning their roles in society and teenage rebellion were starting to crack through the veneer.  It makes for an intriguing setting for telling tales. My cozy series is character driven, revealing the lives and secrets of the residents, how they evolve, change and what they’ve lived through, rounded out with the Poppy Cove creations and daily workings of the town, with a little murder and mayhem tossed in the mix.

The first novel of the series is STRANGLED BY SILK.   It begins at the opening ceremony of the new Stearns Academy, an exclusive girls’ boarding school, founded by the town doyenne Constance Stearns-Montgomery.  She is nowhere to be seen until found dead in the rose bushes, clad in the dress and strangled by the silk scarf she had commissioned from Poppy Cove, the two and a half year old atelier in the center of town.  It’s where Poppy Lane and Cove Street meet and caters to a host of colorful customers.  The two main characters, shop owners both in their mid 20’s, are Daphne Huntington-Smythe, a born and bred fun-loving California blonde is the accessories buyer and Margot Williams, a recent arrival with a contemplative nature, is the custom designer of the store’s apparel.

Santa Lucia, population 50,000, just within arm’s reach of Los Angeles, is a bucolic setting of endless possibilities and temperate climate which draw the rich, glamorous and dangerous to its natural charms.  Poppy Cove itsself is known to appeal to a starlet or two, including an impromptu fashion show by Joyce Jones, as revealed in the debut novel.  It is the place for the elite to get gorgeous and catch up on the latest gossip.

There are other places worth mentioning, starting with Antonio’s, a fabulous little Italian restaurant run by Antonio and Maria Chelli located on the main Cove Street.  It’s darling with checkered tablecloths, a vine covered loggia, Chianti bottle candles and pasta, pasta, pasta!!!  Another darling location is the Poppy Lane Tea Room, which is a great spot for breakfast or a little nibble.  Lana’s homemade muffins, soups and sandwiches in this bright and airy café make it a delightfully perfect place for ladies who lunch.

Right in the center of town is the meeting place known as Avila Square.  It has a beautiful fountain and Spanish terracotta and mosaic tiles.  If you are lucky enough to be there on a Saturday, it’s the spot for the Farmer’s Market which is a feast for the senses with colorful produce, charming hardworking locals and lively music.  Another great place to watch the world go by is the Santa Lucia Fisherman’s Wharf.  Located at the foot of Cove Street, there’s something for everyone — the Penny Arcade for the teenagers, the Sand Dollar with fresh take out fish and chips and ice cream delights from the Milky Way.  With all the artists offering their wares and busking musicians to accompany the sounds of the ocean waves and fresh sea air, there’s no better way to while away the day from sunrise to sunset.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my kind of town.  Why not pick up a copy of STRANGLED BY SILK today?  It’ll get you all set for the next in the Poppy Cove Mystery series, currently being penned as you read, where poor Miss Santa Lucia doesn’t know what’s coming!


Barbara Jean Coast


Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas


Photo Credit: Escape With Dollycas

Andrea and Heather (Andrea is on the right!) are the dynamic duo writing under the pen name of Barbara Jean Coast. Strangled by Silk is the first book in the Poppy Cove Mystery series- to connect with the authors- visit Twitter, “friend” Barbara Jean Coast or “like” Poppy Cove Mystery series!

For more information, including where to buy Strangled by Silk- visit here!

*Giveaway information! For a chance to win a copy of Strangled by Silk, just comment on this post! Giveaway is open to US only (sorry!) and will run from October 2-October 14th at 11:59PMEST. Giveaway winner will be announced Oct 15th.