Reading Schedule for RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA (Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club)

Hey everyone-

We’re getting closer to June- to when my blog, Traveling With T and Jen S (go check out her new blog Book-alicious Mama) will be reading RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA. We both are beyond excited!

Here’s the link to the previous post explaining the rules, the details, etc- Book Lovers Unite Online Book Club

Reading schedule for Reconstructing Amelia:

First, I know some of us have the “real” books- but I know there are several of us that have either bought or are not so patiently waiting for the library copy to loan an e-copy. So the breakdown of the reading schedule reflects both styles.

Week1 (beginning on MAY 31) read: pages 1-95 (for e-readers the title of last chapter will be Facebook Sept 30)

Week 2 (JUNE 7) read: pages 96-202 (for e-readers the title of first chapter will be Amelia Sept 30/ last Amelia Oct 14)

Week 3 (JUNE 14) read: pages 203-292 (for e-readers the tile of first chapter will be Amelia Oct 18/last Amelia Oct 22)

Week 4 (JUNE 21) read: pages 293-380 (for e-readers the title of first chapter will be gracefully Oct 24th/end of book)

Basically it’s a 100 pages a week (slightly less).

So what fabulous thing do I have planned for June 28th? Well- it’s still early planning on that- but I know for sure that day will be dedicated to overall thoughts, likes/dislikes and more. There very well could be some more surprises planned- so I’d def keep my eyes and ears open!


So just a few more things: if you love doing the Twitter thing- and you’re reading Reconstructing Amelia¬†with us- do a favor and tweet something like: Reading RECONSTRUCTING AMELIA w/ T and Jen S #onlinebookclub #bookloversunite. And, I’ve got something planned for our hashtag #bookloversunite so you’ll want to keep an eye on that! Facebook more your speed? Share it on Facebook!


Happy Reading!