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Hi all… This Literary Friday is coming late, but better late than never, right? Side note: Next week, I will be out of town for Book Expo. I will have some posts going live on Traveling With T ( so keep sharing, retweeting, pinning and all that jazz!) BUT I highly doubt that I’ll have a Literary Friday post for June 2nd. So, to my Literary Friday fans- I’ll try to make June 9th’s post extra filled with the good stuff 🙂


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22 Beach Reads For Your Summer Vacation

I love beach reads. I love those covers that look so delicious that you could lick the cover. The blue backgrounds, the perfect summer skies, the lady in the lounge chair on the beach… Something about a beach read just speaks to my soul. So, I did the hard work for you- I made a list of 22 beach reads that will get you through summer in style- whether you are having fun at the beach or just trying to get some reading time in at the pool…..

And because I’m feeling super, super, super, SUPER generous- I’m giving away 3 gift cards (US only) to 1 lucky reader. A 10 dollar Itunes gift card to get that playlist of summer songs started, a 5 dollar Starbucks gift card for the perfect summer drink (make mine a caramel frappucino), and a 25 dollar gift to Amazon to buy a book or 2 for the upcoming vacation or staycation you will be taking! More details about the giveaway at the end of the post….

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The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri (TLC Book Tour 3)

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Heather Barbieri

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Heather Barbieri, author The Cottage At Glass Beach, was a child who loved to stay up reading all night long various books- Judy Blume among others. The Cottage At Glass Beach is Heather’s 3rd book- and she is currently at work on her 4th book. To find out more about Heather, please visit her website or Facebook page.

The Cottage at Glass Beach

ISBN: 978-0062107961

Hardcover: 320 pages

Publisher: Harper

Purchase: Amazon, IndieBound, Barnes and Noble

Source: TLC Books

The Cottage at Glass Beach

Photo credit: TLC Book Tours

The Cottage at Glass Beach by Heather Barbieri is a book that from the cover takes me to a beach state of mind- the water, the blue sky, the lady walking holding a seashell. It’s a gorgeous cover and quite eye-catching.

Nora, mother to Annie and Ella, wife to Malcom- leaves Boston for refuge at Burke’s Island after finding out her husband is having an affair. The girls and Nora are staying for the summer- although teenage Ella is not happy about being away from Boston, her dad and friends. Annie, young and full of fun is entraced with Burke’s Island- although misses her father.

Nora, as child, lived at Burke’s Island-until her mother disappears one day. So the island provides Nora a space to stay away from prying eyes of the public- and yet stirs up memories and feelings of worry.  Burke’s Island not only holds the secret of Nora’s mother, Maeve, disappearance- it holds many other secrets. When a man is found by Nora washed up on the beach, Nora is not quite sure what to make of him. Owen proves helpful- but after Malcom’s betrayal- Nora finds trusting a man’s kindness harder than it once was.

Marie, aunt to Nora, welcomes Nora and the girls to the island but as the story unfolds, the reader finds that Marie has a story of her own. It seems that many of the islanders have their own story- either a connection to Maeve, or a reaction to Nora.  Island life is different for Nora and the girls- and it proves to be both soothing, yet stirring memories of past times.

The Cottage At Glass Beach takes a premise of mother taking her daughters for some time away from husband’s scandal, adds some beach fun, some island memories (secrets and good times),  tales of island folklore and turns into a story that is good, interesting and enjoyable. Perfect for a beach read (even if you are nowhere near the beach!)- The Cottage at Glass Beach is a story that readers will want to share with friends and other fellow readers.

Traveling With T’s thoughts:

This is my first Heather Barbieri novel- and I enjoyed it. The cover of the book gave me a warm and good feeling- and the writing did not disappoint. Heather made Nora a character that the reader could root for. The daughters, Ella and Annie and their interactions with Nora- believable and understandable. Heather Barbieri teased readers with island secrets and made me want to keep turning pages.