22 Beach Reads For Your Summer Vacation

I love beach reads. I love those covers that look so delicious that you could lick the cover. The blue backgrounds, the perfect summer skies, the lady in the lounge chair on the beach… Something about a beach read just speaks to my soul. So, I did the hard work for you- I made a list of 22 beach reads that will get you through summer in style- whether you are having fun at the beach or just trying to get some reading time in at the pool…..

And because I’m feeling super, super, super, SUPER generous- I’m giving away 3 gift cards (US only) to 1 lucky reader. A 10 dollar Itunes gift card to get that playlist of summer songs started, a 5 dollar Starbucks gift card for the perfect summer drink (make mine a caramel frappucino), and a 25 dollar gift to Amazon to buy a book or 2 for the upcoming vacation or staycation you will be taking! More details about the giveaway at the end of the post….

Are you ready for summer reading? Because here it comes! Continue reading