The Comfort of Lies- Week 2 Questions

comfort of lies

It’s week 2 questions for Book Lovers Unite online book club!

STILL plenty of time to join if you haven’t read The Comfort of Lies!


Week 2 Questions:

1. Should Juliette have told Nathan’s mother about the affair?

2. Tia and Juliette- completely opposite women in every regard except this: They love (and have been loved by Nathan). Juliette is classy, a role model, a business woman. Tia is younger, still looking for a way to make it in the world, and comes from a less privileged background. What drew Nathan to these women?

3. When Juliette talks about “never being able to let go of her child” should she be so quick to judge Tia? A mother’s love is strong- but can we make a point that Tia acted like a true mother in this case by putting her child’s needs ahead of her own? Or did Tia choose to find an adoptive family for selfish reasons?

4. There’s a power struggle between Juliette and Nathan. By all rights, in my opinion, Juliette should have the upper hand. He had the affair, he kept the knowledge about the child a secret. And yet, Nathan has turned this around- kept putting off the big convo that him & Juliette needed to have. Thoughts?

5. Tia going to Juliette’s work place- bold move? Underhanded?

6. How would you react if you were Caroline and Juliette had told you all about the events that lead to Savannah?

7. “Maybe that’s our problem. We haven’t yet figured out how to truly hate you, so we turn it on each other”- Tia.  How does that statement fit in with the whole Tia/Nathan/Juliette dynamic?

8. Tia is adamant that Juliette never have any contact with Savannah. Is this fair? Is this realistic?

I hope you are enjoying week 2 of the reading!

The Comfort of Lies: Week 1 Questions

comfort of lies

Book Lovers Unite people: It’s time! Week 1 discussion questions have been posted!

Remember- we will only discuss the first section of reading- pgs 1-111.  I just finished that section last night- and boy, does Randy Susan Meyers know how to write a great opening that will hopefully lead to a GREAT discussion!

Week 1 Questions:

1. Tia- would it be simplistic to say she has “daddy issues” and that’s why she had an affair?


2.  Affairs- black and white issue ( affairs are wrong- no question) or gray-issue (it’s not a def “line in the sand” wrong)?


3. Speaking of affairs- who is to blame more- Tia or Nathan? Tia for going after a married man? Or Nathan for breaking his vows? Are they equal in their blame? Can a person be taken that doesn’t want to be taken (at least on some level)?


4. Juliette- when does Juliette go from being a victim to earning a share of blame? When she hides the letter? When she has Caroline over under false pretenses? Or does she still retain her victim status?


5. Should Juliette have left Nathan when she found out about Tia?


6. Is Tia wrong for sending a letter to Nathan? Could her intent have been more malicious than it appeared?


7. Thoughts on Tia getting pregnant- she states about being on the pill since she gave birth. Is that statement telling? Was she not on the pill with Nathan? Was she trying to force Nathan into choosing her by having his baby?


8. Caroline- should Caroline have agreed to adopt Savannah? Or should she have said “no” to adoption? She caved in to her husband’s desires- but what about her own? At what point should 2 people say ” we love each other- but this is a deal-breaker” and part ways?


Thanks for joining in Week 1 of reading The Comfort of Lies!

The Comfort of Lies: Opening Thoughts

comfort of lies

Week 1’s questions will not be posted till Aug 9th (I realized that I did not give everyone enough notice to get the book/begin reading)- but I just wanted to start our minds thinking of this book in a discussing way!


1. What does the cover mean to you? Do you think the cover is significant?

2. How/why did you decide to read The Comfort of Lies?

3. Based on the cover and the synopsis- how would you describe the book to a friend?


I hope all of you can join in- and if you have read- still join in the weekly discussions (just please do not spoil for others!)

Reading Schedule for August Book Lovers Unite: The Comfort of Lies

traveling with t


Looky-looky! A new button! Are you joining in on the fun of Book Lovers Unite? Well, you can post this button to your blog and let people know you are #bookloversunite member!


August’s Book Lovers Unite selection is: The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers!


Reading Schedule: Week 1 questions will post on AUGUST 9th (I just need more time to read & to post questions this month because of a busy schedule). AUGUST 2 will have a couple of general opening questions to get you thinking about the book- but the real questions will begin AUGUST 9th.


Week 1- pg 1-110. Begin with chapter 1 and read through the end of Chapter 11)

Week 2- pg 112-211. Begin with Chapter 12 and read through the end of Chapter 24)

Week 3- pgs 212- 323. Begin with Chapter 25 and read till end of book- Chapter 37


“But T, – there are 5 Fridays in August and you are rushing us!” Yes, there are- and we will have 1 or 2 general questions on Aug 2nd, Reading Schedule Questions Aug 9th, 16th and 23rd- and the 30th- an Q&A with Randy Susan Meyers! *For the Q&A, you will need to post questions on the “Ask Randy Susan Meyers” post. I’ll need the questions by Aug 19th– as that I have to email her and she will email me answers back. You’ll see the answers on August 30th in a post “Randy Susan Meyers Answers”.


Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Ask away!

August Book Lovers Unite: The Comfort of Lies

comfort of lies

August is fast approaching and that means it’s time to announce the August book club selection for Book Lovers Unite online book club!

We’ll be reading The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers!

Reading schedule will be posted in the next week or so. The author Randy Susan Meyers has agreed to answer questions about The Comfort of Lies (yay for that!) Due to her traveling and writing in schedule- she will not be able to have a more interactive experience like Kimberly McCreight did. I will have a post titled Ask Randy Susan Meyers (it will be posted August 1). Post your questions there by August 19th!

More details will be revealed as we get closer to August!