The Comfort of Lies: Opening Thoughts

comfort of lies

Week 1’s questions will not be posted till Aug 9th (I realized that I did not give everyone enough notice to get the book/begin reading)- but I just wanted to start our minds thinking of this book in a discussing way!


1. What does the cover mean to you? Do you think the cover is significant?

2. How/why did you decide to read The Comfort of Lies?

3. Based on the cover and the synopsis- how would you describe the book to a friend?


I hope all of you can join in- and if you have read- still join in the weekly discussions (just please do not spoil for others!)

2 thoughts on “The Comfort of Lies: Opening Thoughts

  1. Good intro questions!!!

    #1: The cover is quite striking and makes you wonder the significance of the letter she’s holding. I do think it’s very significant to the story.

    #2: I’m reading this b/c it’s the August pick for Book Lovers Unite – but it also sounds really interesting.

    #3: Here’s what I would say to a friend: It’s a book about three women who find out their lives are connected but not necessarily for the good. It deals with infidelity, secrets, passions, and questions whether we are the person we want to be.

    I can’t wait to start reading this!!!

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