The Comfort of Lies- Week 2 Questions

comfort of lies

It’s week 2 questions for Book Lovers Unite online book club!

STILL plenty of time to join if you haven’t read The Comfort of Lies!


Week 2 Questions:

1. Should Juliette have told Nathan’s mother about the affair?

2. Tia and Juliette- completely opposite women in every regard except this: They love (and have been loved by Nathan). Juliette is classy, a role model, a business woman. Tia is younger, still looking for a way to make it in the world, and comes from a less privileged background. What drew Nathan to these women?

3. When Juliette talks about “never being able to let go of her child” should she be so quick to judge Tia? A mother’s love is strong- but can we make a point that Tia acted like a true mother in this case by putting her child’s needs ahead of her own? Or did Tia choose to find an adoptive family for selfish reasons?

4. There’s a power struggle between Juliette and Nathan. By all rights, in my opinion, Juliette should have the upper hand. He had the affair, he kept the knowledge about the child a secret. And yet, Nathan has turned this around- kept putting off the big convo that him & Juliette needed to have. Thoughts?

5. Tia going to Juliette’s work place- bold move? Underhanded?

6. How would you react if you were Caroline and Juliette had told you all about the events that lead to Savannah?

7. “Maybe that’s our problem. We haven’t yet figured out how to truly hate you, so we turn it on each other”- Tia.  How does that statement fit in with the whole Tia/Nathan/Juliette dynamic?

8. Tia is adamant that Juliette never have any contact with Savannah. Is this fair? Is this realistic?

I hope you are enjoying week 2 of the reading!

5 thoughts on “The Comfort of Lies- Week 2 Questions

  1. I have to say Tia really rubs me the wrong way. I just can’t seem to find any redeeming qualities about her. And to answer question #3 – I’m not really sure Tia gave up her child because it was the right thing to do. I think there are definitely some selfish reasons behind this decision. I really feel as if she thought by getting pregnant Nathan would stay with her.

    I think Tia’s decision to go to Juliette’s workplace was quite a bold move. But equally bold is all of Juliette’s interactions with Carolyn. I’m very curious to see if and when all three come face to face – and if Nathan will be involved in the meeting.

    I am loving this book and now am off to finish it!!!

    • Tia- she’s rubbing me the wrong way, as well. I mean I like some her boldness and feisty attitude- BUT something annoys me about her as well.
      I do wonder if Tia did get pregnant on purpose to “get” Nathan. Although, I think if I were a man having an affair- I’d make sure that measures were being taken to help prevent pregnancy!

      YES! Both Tia and Juliette are bold- but in their own way. Tia is all brashy and bold- where Juliette is bold- but in more of a quiet and cultured way. I CAN’T WAIT for them all to meet (you just know that’s going to happen! And I hope Nathan gets slapped by at least 1 of the women!)

  2. I find the women’s reactions to this situation rather fascinating. I so like to avoid confrontation that I can’t imagine reacting the way both Juliette and Tia have done. It’s bold and disarming. Very interesting.

    I definitely liked Tia less in this section. I found her sympathetic in the first part but was less impressed by her choices and reactions. Actually, I found all three women less sympathetic in this section. And I wasn’t impressed by Nathan at all.

    I feel bad for the child and really hope that Savannah will not end up hurt by all the events and people surrounding her.

    My cousin has adopted 2 children and written a book about Open Adoption. Her children have very open relationships with their birth parents and their birth parents’ spouses. It’s different from this book because my cousin and her husband are very loving and welcoming and of course infidelity isn’t involved but it’s been fun to watch how much love these 2 children experience because all the adults care and respect each other and love the children the most.

    • I’m not about confrontation- exactly. I like to call a spade a spade (and I do!) I don’t know if I’d be bold enough to go to the workplace, tho. Or to act the way Tia did.

      Agreed- NONE of the women were sympathetic this section. Seemed selfish women having to deal with the choices they made. And Nathan- def not impressed.

      Wouldn’t you like if Randy Susan Meyers comes back and writes a book from Savannah’s perspective? I’d be curious at where she could take the material!

      That is so nice! Love that!

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