Reading Schedule for August Book Lovers Unite: The Comfort of Lies

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Looky-looky! A new button! Are you joining in on the fun of Book Lovers Unite? Well, you can post this button to your blog and let people know you are #bookloversunite member!


August’s Book Lovers Unite selection is: The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers!


Reading Schedule: Week 1 questions will post on AUGUST 9th (I just need more time to read & to post questions this month because of a busy schedule). AUGUST 2 will have a couple of general opening questions to get you thinking about the book- but the real questions will begin AUGUST 9th.


Week 1- pg 1-110. Begin with chapter 1 and read through the end of Chapter 11)

Week 2- pg 112-211. Begin with Chapter 12 and read through the end of Chapter 24)

Week 3- pgs 212- 323. Begin with Chapter 25 and read till end of book- Chapter 37


“But T, – there are 5 Fridays in August and you are rushing us!” Yes, there are- and we will have 1 or 2 general questions on Aug 2nd, Reading Schedule Questions Aug 9th, 16th and 23rd- and the 30th- an Q&A with Randy Susan Meyers! *For the Q&A, you will need to post questions on the “Ask Randy Susan Meyers” post. I’ll need the questions by Aug 19th– as that I have to email her and she will email me answers back. You’ll see the answers on August 30th in a post “Randy Susan Meyers Answers”.


Questions? Thoughts? Concerns? Ask away!

8 thoughts on “Reading Schedule for August Book Lovers Unite: The Comfort of Lies

  1. Sweet! I placed a hold at my library and I’m first in line!!! Unlike “The Painted Girls”, where I am just now 2nd in line! hahaha. So I am looking forward to joining in on “The Comfort of Lies”. What an interesting title!

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